Squeem Plus Size ShapewearCredit: Squeem

If you are a plus size woman, you know that finding the best plus size shapewear can make the difference between looking and feeling like a million bucks or wishing you never left the house. The best shape wear or body shaper should create smooth lines and control bulges around the middle, back, thigh or legs- depending on the kind of shapewear you choose.

1. The best plus size shapewear should provide extreme comfort, while firming and flattening bulges. Consider the fact that you may be working in shapewear garments for more than eight hours. And your plus size shapewear should really feel as if you don’t have on a traditional girdle for plus size women which formally was binding and uncomfortable. Today,  good plus size shapewear is made with breathable fabrics that make you forget you’re wearing shapewear at all. One of the best plus size shapewear in the comfort and performance category is Squeem Magical Lingerie Shapewear.

2.  Lose Inches with Plus Size Shapewear

The Best plus size shapewear should cause you to lose some inches. The concept behind losing weight with plus size shapewear is simple. While wearing a shapewear garment, that is close to the body yet still comfortable, your body heats up in temperature. This temperature increase creates a life like furnace of sorts and causes you to lose weight over time when the shapewear garment is worn. What is required is that you wear this plus size body shaper at least daily for five to six hours. This is simple if you are working either in an office or at home and particularly when the garment provides extreme comfort as well as slimming benefits. Ardyss’ body magic shaper has been well renowned in the concept of losing weight while wearing a shapewear garment. The other weight loss impact is that with shapewear garments on your stomach area is lightly compressed causing you to eat less.

3. Attractive and Beautiful Workmanship:

In most cases the only person who will see your shapewear will be you, particularly during the day. But the bottom line is that the best plus size shapewear is beautiful with expert craftsmanship. This is important not only because you want to feel good knowing that the garment is beautifully done, but also expert craftsmanship speaks to the fact that the garment will hold up over time, particularly when you wash the garment.

4.  Ease of Use in the Bathroom:

The best plus size shapewear should allow ease of use when using the bathroom, particularly if you are wearing a full body garment. There should be snap closures or some other function of the garment which allows for access to the lady’s room. This of course is important when you must go quickly and don’t feel comfortable in   a public restroom removing the complete garment.

5. Variety of Colors and Sizes:

The best plus size shapewear takes into account that women wear all different colors and types of outer garments. This means that if you are wearing a white dress, and depending on your skin color, you’ll typically want to wear a flesh toned shapewear garment.