Welcome to the exciting and profitable world that we call podcasting. In case you didn't know, podcasting is a new way to get your content delivered to the masses through portable media devices such as iPods.

They can download your podcasts and actually hear what it is you have to say. Pretty cool huh? There are podcasts for every subject imaginable.

From learning how to make money, to mending your broken heart. You can listen to just about any subject through a podcast.

Need to know something? There is a podcast just waiting for you to listen to it. There are many different podcasting sites that offer audio content for your listening pleasure. A few of them are podcasting sites such as www.podcastalley.com and www.ipodder.com.

These are very reputable and popular sites with thousands of available podcasts to choose from. They get submissions from all over the world and they categorize them quite nicely to make it easy to find any topic you could imagine.

These sites actually get millions of visitors every day, so if you have a podcast of your own, I would highly recommend putting them on there to get the most exposure for your work. If you are brand new to podcasting and you want to get started right away, you may want to check out www.odeo.com/inbox it is a free site that gives you a lot of really great tools you can use to create some really amazing podcasts that look very professional.

Plus, you can't beat getting something for free right? If you want to earn a bit of extra cash for your podcasting efforts you should look at www.fruitcast.com they pay you to allow them to put advertisements on your podcast episodes.

So every time your podcast is viewed you will earn a small amount. This can really add up over time if you have a lot of viewers. Podcasting is still a pretty young marketing tool. It is bound to grow by leaps and bounds so it will pay off to get in early.