Portable barbeque grills, sometimes referred to as a hibachi, can be very convenient for families going on road trips, camping, picnics, and beaches. The luxury of having your very own brazier to cook all of your favorite meats on while you're out away from technology is nice, which is why portable barbeque grills are so popular, whether they're gas or charcoal. Being such practical and appealing products, they can be found in a plethora of stores both online and around town. If you can't find any portable barbeque grills for sale that you like in stores such as Lowe's, Wal-Mart, Sears, or Home Depot, then shopping online is definitely a smart decision as you will find a much bigger selection and cheap prices, not to mention how much faster and easier it is.

Here are some reviews of two of the more popular kinds of portable barbeque grills that you might be interested in, though they may be a bit too big to be considered conventional hibachis by some people's definition.

Safari Chef Portable BBQ Grills Review

This popular little brazier from Cadac is a great option to consider. The Safari Chef is gas powered and comes with five interchangeable surfaces to cook on. You can choose from either mini fat-free barbeque, fat-free ribbed cooking surface, flat cooking surface, wok, or camping stove, making these some of the most versatile portable barbeque grills you'll find. It comes with a carrying case, folding legs, non-stick surfaces, and all of the cookware is dishwasher safe. One of the best features of the Safari Chef is how it manages to keep most of the grease from getting around your food which reduces the amount of flare-ups you might get. These portable barbeque grills are priced pretty reasonably for all of the great features it has, as well as the 2-year warranty. You can get them on Amazon for just over $100.

Carri Chef Deluxe Portable BBQ Grills Review

If the Safari Chef didn't seem good enough for you, then just wait til you see the Carri Chef Deluxe. Cadac outdid themselves with these all-in-one, versatile, lightweight, compact, and fully loaded portable barbeque grills. They are gas powered, with push-button fuel ignition, and work with either a regular 20-pound propane tank or it even has a slot on the condiment tray where you can use a compact 1-pound propane cartridge for an easy, lightweight fuel supply for when you're on the road or out fishing.

The five interchangeable cast iron cooking surfaces the Carri Chef Deluxe comes with are a flat/ribbed reversible combination surface, skottel top, barbeque top, and pot stand, all of which come with there own stow bag. The best part about these portable barbeque grills is how lightweight and easy to haul around they are. Weighing in at just over 37 pounds, it's fully collapsible and comes with a convenient carrying case. Amazon has the Carri Chef Deluxe for about $230, which is pretty cheap considering they sell for up to $300 in stores around town.

Advantages of Portable BBQ Grills

There are many great things about portable barbeque grills. Most of the advantages are pretty obvious. If you like to go on camping trips, sporting events, picnics, or any other outdoor activity/event that you enjoy cooking out at, then having one of these hibachis can come in awfully handy. Imagine being able to cook your favorite meats and veggies anytime you want while you're out there in the wilderness with your friends or family. The two portable barbeque grills that were reviewed in this article are both extremely versatile, easy to maintain, and a breeze to travel with, though there are dozens of other ones out there to choose from that may have better features and cheaper prices, so be sure to shop around if you're looking to buy one.

Disadvantages of Portable BBQ Grills

There aren't too many disadvantages to list. Most people who go to buy portable barbeque grills understand that they have a limited cooking surface, but it may take some by surprise. If you are cooking for a big family or large group of friends then you may wish you had a bigger surface to cook on, but then again you wouldn't be able to carry around a big bulky hibachi with you as easily as you can with most portable barbeque grills.

Where to Buy Cheap Portable BBQ Grills

As mentioned before, if you can't find a decent selection or good prices in stores like Wal-Mart, Sears, Lowe's, or Home Depot, then the best way to find cheap portable barbeque grills on sale is to search the web. The internet has literally dozens of stores right at your fingertips, all of which are competing for customers a lot more than big chain stores in the real world. Amazon is always a great place to look, but you can also check out other sites like eBay, Overstock, BlackBearSportingGoods, ChefsCatalog, or CostBuy. These are just a few of the many sites out there to look at. Another great way to find cheap portable barbeque grills is to search on Google Products. Finding what you want online is easier than ever these days and it doesn't take long to find what you need if you just take a few minutes to look around.