There are certain people that would rather have printed yoga mats over the comfortable ones; moreover, there are certain people that would choose the comfortable mats over the ones that look great. What if I told you that you could have the best of both words: yoga accessories and mats that look and feel great!

The truth of the matter is that there are quite a few printed yoga mats that are comfortable too! In addition, this article will cover the specific models that are not out of your price range!

Be Prepared-Printed Yoga Mats Will Be More Expensive Than Their Plain Counterparts

A basic rule of pricing and marketing states that a higher price of producing a product will result in a higher shelf price for that product. With that being said, you should come to the realization that it takes more machine and man power to create printed yoga mats than it does to create plain and basic models. This extra man and machine power translates to the printed yoga equipment being more expensive than the plain pieces of equipment.

The main challenge when looking for printed yoga equipment is finding the models that are only slightly more expensive than plain yoga equipment. I am not trying to tell you to be prepared to spend double the amount of money on a printed model, but you should definitely plan on spending at least an additional 20%-30% on the printed models.

Gaiam Has One Of The Largest Selections Of Printed Yoga Mats-Over 20 Prints!

Gaiam has developed a reputation for producing very durable yoga mats; however, they are not well known for their visual appeal. Upon taking a look at some of the best printed mats on the internet, I had wondered why Gaiam was not very well known for their prints.

I found out that they had only started to produce printed mats a few years ago, and that their products were still making an impact in the market.

It should be known that Gaiam has an absolutely massive selection of printed yoga mats to choose from, and the prices are amazing! I would definitely take a look at the Dragon Fly, Damask, Bloom, and Prosperity prints because they are their most popular models. And if these facts do not make you want to buy one of their mats, I should inform you that each specific pattern is available in a variety of base colors.

YogaRat Has The Cheapest Prices For Yoga Mats With Prints! Under $20!

With a name like YogaRat, many people may wonder how they managed to succeed in the sports equipment market; however, I know exactly how they managed to do that. YogaRat places a large emphasis on offering great products for ridiculously low prices. YogaRat is where you should be looking if you are on the search for cheap printed yoga mats.

YogaRat has developed over 30 prints in a variety of different colors and patterns. In addition, their prints include a mixture of words, phrases, and pictures.

Each quarter inch mat can be purchased on Amazon for under $20! I have been searching for yoga mats in retail stores for a long time, and I cannot name a single store that offers a printed mat for under $30; nonetheless, the YogaRat mats are made with non-toxic material!

The Flower Printed Yoga Mat By JFit Can Be Found On Amazon For $15! Great For Flower Lovers

Everybody has a specific niche that they enjoy looking at. Yoga is a practice that involves focus. One of the best ways to focus during a yoga class is to look at something that you really enjoy. With this being said, the JFit flower printed yoga mats are the perfect choice for the individuals that love flowers.

Taking a look down at their mat will bring them to a new degree of focus, and allow them to succeed in their yoga practice.

In addition, these JFit mats are relatively thin and long enough for tall people. These mats are one eight of an inch thick, 24 inches wide, and 68 inches long.

This article attempts to provide you with a few brands and models to consider when you are looking to buy printed yoga mats. This is not the bible of yoga equipment, and there are more mats that I would recommend purchasing; however, this is solely one article that contains a few examples.

The main thing to keep in mind is that your printed mat should be comfortable above everything else. You can have the best looking mat in the country, but you will not enjoy your yoga practice if it is too thin or thick for your liking. Whichever mat you end up buying, be sure to test it out a few times before taking it to your yoga practice.