Who says having a plus sized frame means you can't dress fashion forward and look fabulous? Style experts at stores like Lane Bryant and Roamans think that a plus size figure can carry off many styles that are professional and trendy at the same time, as long as you stick to a few simple rules. Here is a look at a few looks that work for the office no matter what size you are.

Structure Is Key

Perhaps the most important thing to remember when dressing a plus sized figure is that structure is your friend. Draped shirts with no shape with not hide problem areas; in fact, the sagging fabrics will make you look larger than you really are. With this in mind, you'll want to ensure that your trousers are fitted at the waist and relaxed through the thigh, but not baggy.

A blazer with boning or seams along the sides is a plus sized gal's best friend. This will create a waistline and give the appearance of an hourglass figure. Empire waistlines are also a staple item for a plus sized figure. These draw attention to a structured top and shoulders and away from a potentially problematic tummy area. Adversely, you'll want to avoid items like tunics, over sized jersey tops, bulky non fitted sweaters and items with elastic waist bands.

Color Choice

It is important to remember to choose a dark wash jean or trouser to create a slim appearance. You will also want to focus on pieces that sit just at or slightly above your natural waistline. This polished look and color choice will help you appear professional and shapely. Patterns and loud colors should be balanced by a dark solid elsewhere on the body.


Here's a lesser known fact: Heels make your legs look longer, and thus slimmer. Choosing a chunky stacked heel will give you height as well as that illusion of a slimmer thigh. Using a heel with a pointy toe will further exaggerate this look. If heels are not something you are comfortable in, remember to look for shoes that come to a point.


One great thing about having a larger frame and tons of curves is that chunky jewelry was made just for you. Instead of short delicate chain jewelry, aim for long strands of large glass beads, multi layers of pearls, plate sized cocktails rings; the sky is the limit. These larger items, so long as paired with the appropriate outfit, will create eye catching detail that screams trendy, modern, and stylish.


Be comfortable! This doesn't mean sweat pants and over sized shirts, though. Keep in mind that fabulous looking clothes can be comfortable too, so long as the fit is correct. If you're not comfortable then try a different cut or style, but don't be afraid to try new things.