Don't buy any promotional stress balls until you've seen this list of the best.

But first of all....


A stress ball usually takes the shape of a small ball that fits nicely in the palm of your hand. They are often made from polyurethane foam rubber so you can squeeze them firmly without over straining your hands and wrist muscles. When in a stressful state, give them a good hard squeeze and release all the muscle tension and aggression. Your muscles will feel more relaxed afterwards, and you have something else momentarily to think about to clear your mind from whatever is stressing you out. They have been around for many years so even if there is little scientific evidence of their stress relief capabilities, it seems to be a useful little de-stressing tool to have around your workplace.

They make great promotional gifts for businesses as they are fun, small, cheap and don't look out of place in a high stress corporate environment.

They now come in all shapes, forms and sizes. You can buy vibrating stress balls, balls with little calming chimes inside, novelty, rude and stylist ones.


promotional gel ee gripper stress ball

If you're short of time and don't want to waste it looking seeking out other stress balls, I'll make it easy for you. Just get this one: the Promotional Gel-EE Gripper Stress Ball Customized with Your Logo It's a good price, well made, you can order online easily and it comes in a choice of blue, yellow, red and green.


Promotional Stress Ball Tennis Ball Customized with your logo

This stress ball is cheap (less than a dollar from Amazon) and has a bright yellow, distinctive design. You can also add a company logo as well.


This Imak Stress Ball is made of lycra. It contains their trademarked "ErgoBeads" which provide a gentle massage as well as helping your fingers stretch. Good for hand and wrist strengthening.

Imak Stress Ball Black for Stress Relief

Handstands morph stress relief balls

The Handstands Morph Stress Reflief ball has a liquidy gel inside for the right amount of firmness vs softness.

affirmation stress reflief ball

The Affirmation Ball by Accourtrements is made of plastic so it's not the squeezy-type of stress relief ball. If you're feeling down, pick it up and look at the big smiley face which is sure to put you in a better mood. At the back, similar to a Magic 8 Ball, there are a range of twenty different happy thoughts or compliments like 'You look marvelous' or 'your breath is so minty', to give you the perfect uplift.Really fun to just have around the office - will create a great talking point at work too.


Chinese health balls are designed to stimulate the accupressure points in your hand and increase blood circulation. Hold both balls in your palm and rotate them around in circles in your hand. They contain a small chime within for a gentle relaxing sound.

Chinese iron balls for Chinese stress relief balls

Most of them are made from with the traditional technique of cloisonne.