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Choosing the best protein powder for lean muscle development is no easy task. There is so much range in the products available, and so much advertising hype that it is often hard to know what to believe. The trouble with a lot of protein powders these days is that there are so many different additives, supplements, flavors and preservatives in the powders that it is really questionable whether the benefits of using the supplements are outweighed by the negatives of consuming what in some cases amounts to a chemical cocktail.

In looking for a good protein powder for lean muscle you will have to look around and look at a lot of ingredients lists as well as comparing prices these days. Speaking personally, I would want to totally avoid anyting which has soy lecithin as an ingredient. The reason being that soy lecithin is used as a type of emulsifier or gelling agent. It is made from the offal skimmed off the top of vats containing boling soy beans and is basically a waste product that the food manufacturing industry has found a use for. That's why I do not eat anything containing soy lecithin - it is a toxic byproduct in the soy processing procedure.

This elimination of soy lecithin from my diet also severely restricts the protein powders that I can use as part of my exercise regime. However there are still options and choics available, but they differ from area to area so I am unable to provide specific brand examples for you. Asking at your local health food store would be a great place to start - as well as a retail supplement outlet store. After all, if the retailers know that there is a demand for the product, they will ask their suppliers about them, who in turn will contact the manufacturers, who in turn will one day get around to developing products to meet the demands of the market.

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Once you have found it - how to best use a protein powder to build lean muscle

If you want to build lean muscle you will need to conduct some form of exercise, specifically targetting the area you wish to build muscle in. As you are looking to develop muscle, I highly recommend using an exercise regime which predominantly focuses on weight or resistance training. Of course you should incorporate some form of cardio workout as well to mix it up and make sure that your body has an overall benefit from the exercise.

The trick to using protein powder to build lean muscle is when you use the powder in relation to your exercise - there are plenty of protein shake recipes to keep the flavors interesting. Ideally, you should use the powder (as directed of course) after exercise, not immediately after, but reasonable soon after. This is because your body, and specifically the muscles you have been working out, is ideally placed to absorb the nutrients and protein required to build up a healthy, lean muscle mass. Remember that your protein powder is designed as a supplement to your existing diet, so please do not treat it as a meal replacement - it is an addition to a generally healthy diet to support your health and wellbeing.