Fireworks, Towers of Flames

Confetti Cannons, Balloon Drops and other Special Effects

Whether you are planning a beach wedding, a lavish Bar Mitzvah, a company party, or a community Fourth of July celebration, hiring a pyrotechnics company is one way to make sure your party is an event that everyone will remember. Serious firework displays or towers of flames are not something for a novice to experiment with. However, think about the musical performances and sporting events where you sat awestruck while watching the controlled pyrotechnics that professionals created for your enjoyment. When you hire a professional company, you can amaze your guests with exciting fireworks and special effects and make your event one they will never forget. At the same time, by hiring professionals, you will dramatically decrease the chance that anyone will be injured.  Listed below you will find some of the different types of pyrotechnic displays they can create ... and not all of them involve fireworks.


Best Pyrotechnic Choices for Your Party

When most people think of pyrotechnics, they immediately think about fireworks. However, a good company will offer many additional services that you may never have considered. Depending on how much you want to spend, local regulations, and whether your event will be held indoors or outdoors, here is a list of fun pyrotechnic options:

  • Fireworks – with and without synchronized music
  • Close proximity pyrotechnics, such as firework fountains
  • Simulated gunshots or cannon fire
  • Towers of clean-burning, smokeless flames
  • Odorless fog or smoke to mask a grand entrance
  • Laser light shows
  • Strobe lights
  • Fireballs
  • Confetti cannons
  • Streamers
  • Balloon drops
  • Rocket paths

Whether you request a confetti cannon for graduation, fireworks for a wedding, fog floating over your dance floor, or balloon drops for the next big convention, hiring a professional company to handle the details will make life much easier for you.

If you decide you want something simpler, you can also order your own confetti and confetti shooters by using this Amazon link for party confetti and shooters.

Before you hire a company, make sure they offer a full line of special effects for their customers. You may not want anything that requires fireworks or open flames, especially if you are concerned about the safety of your guests. A professional company should be able to offer you other options as well, such as confetti, balloon drops, strobe lights, or flowing streamers. Many pyrotechnic companies are able to personalize their services to provide you with customized confetti that will display a business logo or team colors. If you are planning a wedding, you may decide that instead of tossing rice, it would be more fun to have confetti or streamers imprinted with the names and wedding date of the newly married couple.

How to Choose a Pyrotechnic Company

To make sure that your party is a success, you will want to select a pyrotechnic company that has had at least several years of experience working with diverse groups, including wedding planners, party planners, touring musicians, sports franchises, award show presenters, convention planners, or movie producers. You do not want to use a company that cannot show you a long and successful history of safety. You will also want to hire a company that is trusted by major corporations in your area, such as your local convention center. Nearly every major city in the United States has several pyrotechnic companies available. Check the references for any company you consider hiring.

Depending on where you are located, some of the better known companies include Pyritz Pyrotechnics Group, Southeastern Pyrotechnics, Inc, Zambelli Fireworks and Melrose Pyrotechnics. Most of these companies, as well as many others, offer a variety of services in multiple states and cities.

When you are considering a company, see if you can find one that has sent employees along on the concert tours of famous musicians like Miley Cyrus or Paul McCartney. You will also want to go over their client list, looking for major corporations such as Anheuser-Busch, a hotel chain, production companies, and your local sports teams. If you are looking for a company that is going to produce controlled fires or explosions, ask if they have designed these types of special effects in the past for any television or movie production companies. If so, you know they are likely to have liability insurance and good references. Find out, if possible, what pyrotechnic companies are used by your city convention center and arena. Often fireworks, explosions, fog or elaborate light shows are requested by organizations that use large public facilities.

Ask for references and be sure to check them before you make a final choice. This is one type of business where the cheapest is not always the best.

Meet With the Company to Discuss your Pyrotechnic Needs

If you are planning a party for your friends and family, it is unlikely that you are considering anything that will require the huge pyrotechnic displays used for public Fourth of July celebrations in your city. The company should understand this, and be able to create small, affordable and appropriate special effects. When you call the company, let them know what you have in mind, and ask for a consultation. You will want to hire a company that believes that no event is too large or small.

If you are in Charge of a Major Event

Perhaps you are not planning a private celebration. Instead, you may be the person who has been asked to arrange for a large fireworks display in your city, or you need pyrotechnics for a film crew or stage performer that will be doing a presentation for your company. Once again, you will need to carefully check out the references and safety history of the companies that are available in your community.

If you are making arrangements for someone filming a commercial, television show or movie, carefully interview the local companies to determine which one is most capable of producing the simulated explosions, small towers of fire, customized flame designs and controlled delivery of flames that meet the requirements of the production company.

If you need pyrotechnics during live stage performances, make sure you understand exactly what the stage crew expects. They may need technicians who can create cryogenic effects that mask the entry of the performers. They may also want a company that can produce low fog clouds or fog walls for video and laser projection. More sophisticated entertainers may desire simulated explosions, customized flames, flame bars or flame arches, and similar special effects that can be designed to amaze the audience. Since not all pyrotechnic companies are equally talented at everything, you will want to find the company that can meet your expectations.

You also need to have a clear understanding of whether the pyrotechnics will be needed for an indoor or outdoor venue. Be certain that the company is capable of getting the necessary licenses, has the proper permits, has an excellent safety record and has technicians that are fully capable of meeting your needs.

With the proper preparation and design, pyrotechnics can enhance your special event, and have your guests amazed by your creative planning. No matter what type of celebration you are organizing, dramatic pyrotechnics can make it even more memorable!

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