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If you are a newly married couple and would like to furnish your home with elegant, classic, and stylish furniture, adding a swan chair is definitely a great idea! This type of chair designed by Arne Jacobsen is just one of the pieces of home furnishing from Danish design furniture companies that you should consider.  There are other items worth noting as well including lamps, couches, beds, and other considerable pieces from renowned furniture designers of Denmark.  Let this article assure you why these products, especially the swan chair, are best for first time homeowners.

Simplicity and Functionality

          The swan chair was designed in the late fifties and initially graced the Royal Hotel in Copenhagen.  It was hugely popular as it was simple and functional.  Looking at it, you will notice that there are no complicated mechanisms employed and it can easily accommodate a seated person comfortably without having to undergo major adjustments in terms of tilting for example.  Some would say that furniture manufactured by Danish designers is devoid of aesthetics because they prefer functionality. This means that the products are basically prioritizing usability over beauty or art.  In layman’s terms, it means something which you can use instead of merely displaying.  As first time homeowners, you want to show your friends that you have impeccable taste and preferences and this type of furniture will suit your purpose. 

Price and Elegance

          The swan chair may cost an average of $3,600 but it is worth investing for.  One can never go wrong with Danish designed furnitureas it speaks elegance at its best.  Danes use different types of materials which are natural, warm, and comfortable.  Danish designers also tend to experiment with various kinds of materials like teak and leather for example to create astonishing furniture that can enhance a simple living room. Some of such furniture types include the drop chair, bull chair, and giraffe chair. These exude elegance and are sturdy without being too pricey. So as a first time homeowner, you are assured that you will not need to replace, repair, or refurbish your furniture from time to time; making it more expensive in the long run. 

Materials and Versatility

          The swan chair was initially produced using Styrofoam to create a fluid curve.  However, recent technologies have made it possible for plastic or polyurethane material to similarly create classic, stylish, and elegant looking chairs, couches, stools, lamps, and other essential pieces of home furnishings.  Because the method used can be replicated, other types of furniture materials to use like fiber glass and aluminum can also reproduce a similar effect. This versatility in materials makes the items similarly adaptable when it comes to where they can be displayed. They can be presented in homes, offices, or even outdoors. 

          The swan chair is probably one of the best investments in terms of furniture acquisition, but there are other pieces of Danish furniture which you can purchase as years go by into your marital life.  You can further enhance your collection as you move from a simple apartment to a large scale house by adding new items and yet still keeping older pieces of furniture. They are a perfect match regardless of the size of your home.