I love to cook. I especially love to look at recipe websites. When you google recipe websites on google you get a mind boggling 8 and a half million websites. Who wants to go through all that. I know I don't. But I will check out some of them. And how do you know which ones to choose, because you could spend a lifetime just clicking on them.

Another way to go through the websites is to be more specific. If you are looking for cake recipes maybe try to google that instead of just recipes. This would probably net you a few less hits than 8 and a half million. Then there are the websites that are associated with food and cooking shows.

Food Network has a website that has recipes from all the pro. For the most part these recipes are not what a typical American family would have on a weekly basis. Some of the pros on Food Network site are Paula Deen, Alton Brown, Bobby Flay, Rachael Ray, Sandra Lee, and Ina Garten to name a few. I love watching their shows, and for the most part what they prepare looks good, but to be honest if I served this to my husband and 2 teenage sons they would ask me what this heck is this. I sit and drool over what they make but know that is not something I could serve to my family even if I could find all the ingredients.

So what I think is the absolute best food recipe website for the average American family is Kraft Foods.com. What a wonderful site. It is well laid out and they have a lot of features that I find very useful. They have a recipe box that you can keep any recipes that you find on the site that you like. So you don't have to copy them or print them if you don't want to. Many of the recipe websites have this feature. Another feature that Kraft Foods has is the Make It Now section. You enter 3 ingredients and choose what meal you are looking to make, submit it and they give you a selection of different recipes using the 3 ingredients you enter. I use this feature just to see what they come up with. It's really quite cool. They have a section for kids, which include kid approved recipes, kids can cook, kids in the kitchen, kids nutrition, lunchbox solutions, and birthday parties. This is a really good section for those of us with picky kids. There is a section for Healthy Living where some of the recipes are under 500 calories, and all the recipes are healthy. There is also a section within the Healthy Living section called Healthy Living Tools. In this Tools section they have a Body Mass Index calculator, a calorie burn which tells you how many calories you burn with a specific exercise, a calcium counter to tell you how many mg of calcium you should have daily for your age, a healthy weight calculator which tells you your ideal weight for your height, a food analyzer to tell you the nutritional make-up of your favorite foods, a fiber and carb counter that tells you how many carbs and how much fiber are in certain foods, and some exercise demo to show you some effective exercises to help you lose weight and get fit. But there is one feature at Kraft Foods.com that I think is the best feature of all. It's called community. There are message boards there where members can discuss all things food. But there is still a most exciting part of the community ( at least for me it's the most exciting part ) is the 20,000 member recipes. You can submit your favorite recipe to the Kraft Foods site. Or as many recipes as you like. I have found a multitude of wonderful recipes there. Ok maybe like 100 or so that I have saved to my recipe box but I'm not done looking for more there. I have tried about 30 of these recipes on my family and I have yet to find one they didn't like. My youngest son especially likes when I make something new. The first thing he says to me when I make something he hasn't had before is " Did you get this from Kraft ".

So if you are looking for a good website with many many recipes I would suggest Kraft Foods.com. You can also get coupons for savings on many Kraft products. It's just an extra added little bonus for you.