Resin adirondack chairs are probably the easiest way to get budget patio furniture. This can use a material that we are all familiar with because of its durability and also the low costs associated with it. I’m really sick of all of the cheap plastic chairs that I often see which regularly break. Plus, I just despise mismatched patio furniture. I know that cost probably has a lot to do with it. Replacing all of these chairs at one time gives you more seating. The Adirondack chair style is probably the most difficult to tell that it isn’t wood. I had a very similar piece for several years. I didn’t like that it wasn’t adjustable because I did get such a cheap version. However I couldn’t go with any of the cheaper plastic chairs, just because I hated them so much and I did appreciate the bright yellow color that I chose.

Can You Tell the Difference?

Colorful Beach Chairs
Credit: ( Photo xPress Luigi Diamanti

This style uses wood adirondack chairs which would be several hundred dollars. You could get close to the same look with resin and it would stand up to the weather better.

Be Bold!

I went with a bright color because I was getting a cheap chair that I would only have for a few years. I went with a different brand in yellow and it really livened up my patio!

Choose a Fun Color

This is probably the big reason why you wouldn’t want to go with a wood tone. Of course you could always paint it brighter color. I love the fun selections that are available in these resins like turquoise. Since this is a silhouette that most of your family can find comfortable why not get a color-coded seating system? Everyone gets their favorite summer color, but it doesn’t look tacky just because you are using the same silhouette.

Mimic Wood Tones

Of course, when people actually touch this or sit down in it they’re going to be able to tell that it is resin, and not actually wood. However, from far away it can give you the same look as wood. Look for a higher sheen finish. You’ll also want a really dramatic brown or taupe version. It might look like painted wood at the very least, especially if it has a grainy effect to it. The one thing that you’ll never get is that weathered effect that these Adirondack chairs are often known for. So instead go with a faux painted look.

Polywood Material

POLYWOOD AD5030WH Classic Folding Adirondack, White
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(price as of Oct 16, 2016)
This costs more money but has better reviews than some of the cheaper versions!

Find Classic White Beach Inspirations

Classic white is another really easy way to pull off a faux look. It’s also something that we see a lot of with these kinds of chairs. These chairs tend to feel a little bit heavy to me, so I like this color palette because it works beautifully with Cape Cod or cottage style homes. You could even add in a floral lumbar pillow for more of a shabby chic effect. You don’t necessarily want to draw a lot of attention to the cheapest item in your space. You might be really proud of a white picket fence, so coordinate with that.

Outdoor Seating For Your Kids!

Match your classic patio furniture with a matching silhouette but in a fun color (and a cheap material) for your kids!

Seating for Your Kids

I also like this just because you can get seating so easily and inexpensively for your kids. Even if you have classic wood chairs for yourself you may need some extra seating. Get the same style as the rest of your furniture. However, when it’s this size you don’t want to spend a ton of money on it just because the kids will outgrow it. Let them pick out their favorite fun color.

Get the Whole Set

The other thing that will make this much more expensive it is to just get an entire set. Get rid of all of your plastic patio chairs at once. Instead, stick with one style. Again, you can mix and match your colors or just stick with one color palette as well. I found that my Adirondack chair was more durable just because the planks were a lot better than some of the latticework styles that have used this material before.