Eating Italian food in the wonderful restaurants in Italy will be extremely important experience, not only during your vacation, but after as well.

The diversity of cuisine is actually quite surprising to most tourists, especially if they are expecting pizza and spaghetti.

You will still be able to find these classic dishes, and have your fill, but you want to make sure you try the local delicacies too, as they are fantastic.

As you are choosing your menu, make sure the food is made with locally grown ingredients. Then add a bottle of their famous wine and you will be eating the true Italian way.

Restaurants in Italy have their food classed into three types depending on the region. There is the Northern, Southern and the Central regions. In the north region of Italy, you will find the food is not as "Italian" as you would expect.

An example would be using more rice and corn polenta and less pasta and tomato sauce, which is rarely used. They also don't use olive oil or butter in their dishes.

Central Italy is where our vision and tastes of "Italian food" come from. Wonderful cheeses, flavorful tomato sauces, and olive oil all hail from the central region of Italy. The central coast area is also famous for their great seafood. Tuscany is said to be the birthplace of Italian cooking, which is a must to see if you go there.

Southern Italy is where some of the best olive oil can be found. There is very little that is exported, so you need to be sure to try it while you are there. You will surely delight your appetite with a few of the local restaurants in Italy while traveling.

But if you want to sample the best food that Italy has to offer, you should take a cooking class. This will make your vacation a culinary delight. These type of classes and vacations will include going to winery or even attend some fun wine tasting events.

Some of the chefs also have their own restaurants. You will learn which food goes with the right wine, making a very delicious meal. You need to try many restaurants in Italy, and you will find experience a new cuisine each and every time.

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