2010 has been a watershed year for the rock music book genre, with the release of the long anticipated Keith Richards autobiography Life along with memoirs from Dave Mustaine, Steve Adler and new biographies about Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney and the making of the pivotal Pink Floyd album The Wall and Led Zeppelins' watershed tour of America in 1975 just to name a few. With such a variety of excellent choices, it has been difficult to short list the best 3 books covering the rock music genre but after careful deliberation, I believe that any fan of music will be happy to find these books wrapped under the tree come Christmas morning.

Book Number 1: Life by Keith Richards.

The most anticipated autobiography of the year, Richard's uses his memoir to cover the history and formation of one of the greatest bands of all time, The Rolling Stones. Jim Fusilli from the Wall Street Journal sums up this book perfectly; "What kind of celebrity autobiography is his Life? A remarkable one. One that reveals Mr. Richards in far greater depth and detail than any fan of the Rolling Stones or rock music could have hoped for...Mr. Richards writes with disarming introspection about his childhood, family and fame. And it's quite likely that no rock musician has ever written so keenly about the joys of making music. With a warm sense of humor and willingness to share his grief, Mr. Richards in Life defies almost every public perception about him."

This is a must have addition to the library of any music fan and will give a new insight to not only The Rolling Stones but one of the most inspirational musicians of modern times.

Book Number 2: My Appetite for Destruction by Steve Adler

Steve Adler, as the original drummer of legendary rock act Guns N' Roses until being sensationally sacked in front of millions on live TV in 1990 provides a no holds barred look into the world of rock and roll. Rising from obscurity to become a household name, Adler takes the reader through the craziness that comes with being in the biggest band in the world and the price he ended up paying for the excess partying and risk taking that he undertook. Revelatory, heartbreaking, hilarious, and ultimately inspirational, My Appetite for Destruction is Adler's version of the Guns N' Roses legend and his interaction with Slash, Axl and the other band members as they created the greatest act of the last 20 years.

Book Number 3: Bob Dylan in America by Sean Wilentz

Martin Scorsese described this book as "A panoramic vision of Bob Dylan, his music, his shifting place in American culture, from multiple angles. In fact, reading Sean Wilentz' Bob Dylan in America is as thrilling and surprising as listening to a great Dylan song.". As the title would suggest, Wilentz concentrates on Dylan after his arrival in America. Already famous in his homeland, this book covers the inspirations that Dylan found in this country, particularly from New York and how this change in culture affected his music and lyrics. Ranging from his music in the 60's to today, Wilentz takes and unprecedented look at the music and influences of Bob Dylan and his historical importance to America.


2010 was a terrific year for music books and memoirs, but these 3 titles are sure to make captivating holiday reading. Purchase these items and the other best rock music titles from Amazon.com

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