When it comes to choosing the best pair of rollerblades for your kids, there are a ton of options. However, most parents will want to do some research before buying a pair. You probably want to get rollerblades that are safe, agile, and durable but you probably don't know where to start looking!

Stop looking because you have found the ultimate resource!

I am not writing this to tell you which pair of kids' roller skates to buy  or to promote specific products. I'm writing this article to open your eyes to the idea of knowing the qualities of the best rollerblades for kids so that you can make the decision for yourself. After reading this, you will be able to spot some of the ultimate pairs of children's rollerblades solely by glancing at them for a few minutes!

Adjustable Rollerblades-Save Yourself From Buying A New Pair Next Year

Every parent knows that children's feet grow at an astounding rate! Some parents have to buy a new pair of shoes twice a year simply because their child's feet have outgrown the old pair! Many people avoid buying rollerblades for kids because of the outgrowing factor...they don't want their children outgrowing the rollerblades in a matter of months!

A few companies have addressed that concern and have actually created kids' adjustable rollerblades!

The idea of these roller skates is that you purchase them to fit the foot of your child, and continually adjust their size as your child's feet grow! Most of them adjust as much as two sizes larger than the original size of the rollerblade!

K2 Rollerblades Are Geared Towards Aggressive Skating

There are literally over 100 pairs of K2 rollerblades that you can buy; however, I would not recommend them as a child's first pair of roller skates!

I only say this because they are geared towards aggressive skating! K2 rollerblades are not meant for children that are learning how to skate on the street. Their wheel bearings, aggressive stance, and thin wheelbase are geared towards children that have already learned how to street skate and are ready to take some turns at high speed!

Some of their main customers are young boys and girls that play hockey. These are pretty much the best rollerblades for kids that play street hockey!

I know I said that K2 offers over 100 pairs of children's roller skates; however, I would like to do a quick review on one of their pairs... The Junior Merlin!

I would really deem these as the best roller skates for children for a few reasons:

-They tighten through a pull-lace system that locks into place. Your child will have a sense of independence when rollerblading because they will not need to ask for help to tighten their skates!

-They are equipped with ABEC 3 wheel bearings. A higher ABEC number means a smoother and faster ride...perfect for children that are seasoned rollerbladers.

-They have a very strong frame. A strong frame usually translates to less pain in the child's ankles and feet. Less pain means longer rollerblading sessions!

As you can see, the K2 Junior Merlins are the perfect choice for your child! Head on over to Amazon to check them out now!

Roller Derby Offers Affordable Roller-Skates For Families On A Tight Budget

I talked about how the K2 roller skates were an awesome choice during the last paragraph; however, they can cost upwards of $80.

Roller Derby offers quite a few pairs of children's rollerblades that sell for about $30! Don't get the wrong idea...The K2 roller skates are made with quality in mind, and the Roller Derby ones are made to suit families that are on a budget.

You can check out the Roller Derby rollerblades if you don't want to spend a ton of money on your children's sporting equipment; however, you should note that everything from their brakes to their inside padding was built on a budget!

Safety-wise they are just as good as the K2 rollerblades; however, their degree of comfort and performance is lower!

Inline Skates With 3 Or 4 Wheels Are The Best Choices For Beginners

There are a ton of rollerblades with 5 wheels that are available for purchase, and some of them are even marketed as being rollerblades for kids! However, I would only recommend buying a pair that has 3 or 4 wheels for your child!

More wheels can mean faster speeds and tighter turns; however, your son or daughters 4 inch foot will not do well while on top of 5 wheels!

The simple fact is that rollerblades with 5 wheels are not meant for kids!

Don't fall for the various marketing and promotion schemes that companies try to pull off...3 or 4 wheels is what you need when it comes to rollerblades for kids!