Best Movies of Ryan Gosling

Whether you’re his number fan, a fan of good movies or just having a browse, read on and discover more about the incredibly talented actor that is: Ryan Gosling. The Canadian actor, now aged 32, has been in acting since 1993 and has gone on to produce some stellar work. He is one of those actors who women want to be with, and men just want to be. He appears to have it all: the looks, the lifestyle, and above all the ability to act. Gosling should be credited with achieving this level of success through a combination of hard work and dedication to his trade that has seen him be a part of some memorable films - some of which will be familiar to Gosling fans whilst others are perhaps not as mainstream. 

His ability has not led him to be typecast as just a 'pretty boy' and his roles throughout his career in a plethora of different genres are testament to this. You only have to look at the year 2011 - the year his stock rose to unthinkable levels - to see evidence of this. He starred in Drive, Crazy Stupid Love and The Ides of March, three very different roles yet three very accomplished performances. So, without further ado, let us have a look at some of Gosling’s best movies.

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One of the best movies of 2011, Gosling stars in the hilarious comedy, 'Crazy, Stupid, Love'.

Drive (2011)

Listed here as one of the best films of 2011, Drive is an exhilirating watch and certainly one of the best Ryan Gosling movies.

Gosling plays a mysterious driver who works in a garage but also occupies his time as a Hollywood stuntman and getaway driver in heists. Whilst seemingly lacking speech or emotion, he makes up for it with his actions. He forms a relationship with his neighbour, Irene, and her child.

Irene's husband re-emerges on the scene after a stint in prison and employs Gosling to perform his role as a getaway driver; needless to say the heist goes badly wrong and the plot spirals out of control with increasing violence as Gosling tries to protect those close to him. A gripping story backed up with an excellent soundtrack made Drive one of the films of 2011 and without a doubt, one of the Best Ryan Gosling films.

Crazy, Stupid, Love (2011)

Crazy, Stupid, Love was one of the funniest films of 2011 hands down. Whilst the lead role went to Steve Carell on this film, it was Gosling's playboy character who stole the show with his smooth, sophisticated nature and love of expensive suits.

Playing the ladies man Jacob Palmer, he has the looks, charm, and money - essentially the complete opposite to recently single Carl Weaver (Carell). The pair frequent the same bar in the evenings and it doesn't take long before their paths cross. What transpires is that Palmer's pity leads to him becoming an educator to Carl in how to lead this luxurious lifestyle and more importantly, how to pick up women. The film keeps the viewer engaged throughout, with plenty of laughs, plot twists, and notable supporting performances.

Stereotyping the man that women can't resist and that all men secretly want to be, Gosling's performance in 'Crazy, Stupid, Love' is as natural as it humorous and well worth watching if you haven't already seen it.

Some of the best scenes in Crazy, Stupid, Love

Remember the Titans (2000)

One of Goslings' earlier hits was the 2000 film Remember the Titans, focused on the true story of the African-American football coach who was tasked with coaching a newly racially integrated team. Herman Boone (played by the excellent Denzel Washington) is appointed head coach despite the support for the popular white coach (who stays on as assistant due to public demand), and proceeds to shake things up by integrating the team. This was met with great resistance at first, and the movie is about overcoming adversity and the challenges the team faced, and the ultimate bonding of the players into a successful unit.

In the film Gosling plays the role of Alan, one of the white players in the team who is a bit more embracing of his new black teammates initially than some of the others. Whilst the part he plays is that of an accompanying actor rather than the main star, it is still one of Ryan Goslings' best movies and it is an accomplished performance by the fresh faced youngster which brought many admirers.

There have been several really good American football movies in the last few decades (think Any Given Sunday or Friday Night Lights) and Remember The Titans is right among them in terms of quality and enjoyment.

Blue Valentine (2010)

Ryan Gosling stars in the touching romantic film 'Blue Valentine' as Dean Pereira, the husband of Cindy Heller (played by Michelle Williams) as the film follows their journey as a married couple over a period of time. The style of the film sees the audience viewing the life of the married couple at different points along the way, constantly going back and forth from the starting point of their meeting and initial pursuit of each other, to the point at which later their marital life is decaying rapidly. Whilst the film faced problems in its production - took years to finally produce and director Derek Cianfrance was unable to shoot how he wanted due to lack of funds - the end result is an often moving, yet constantly gripping portrayal of a marriage that is struggling to stay alive. Both Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams perform admirably and make the film what it is; with some of the script acted out entirely with improvised dialogue is a testament to this. It is another showcase of the acting skills that Gosling has in his locker, and his exceptional performance merits Blue Valentine to be seen as one his best movies.

The Notebook (2004)

This was the film that brought Ryan Gosling to the attention of the mainstream audience, as he played Noah in this romantic story, only serving to promote his status as a female Hollywood heartthrob. His relationship with Allie (played by Rachel McAdams) is challenged by their different backgrounds, with her being from a rich family and him just a city boy. Narrated by an old man, the recollected tale begins in 1940 with the two first meeting, and their journey is recounted for a number of years following their challenges as they strife to be together. As with such a story, there are times of despair and heartbreak as it appears their relationship may never be. It is a powerfully emotive tale and one that Gosling will always be remembered for, and without doubt will always be seen as one of the best Ryan Gosling movies.

Gangster Squad (2012)

Gangster Squad is the most recent of the Ryan Gosling movies featured on this page, but is still a quality movie. The film's story has a loose affiliation to the LAPD 'Gangster squad unit' who took on the challenge of Micky Cohen's gang in the mid 1900's. Gosling is part of this elite police force tasked with bringing down Cohen (played by Sean Penn) alongside other distinguished actors such as Josh Brolin, Nick Nolte and Michael Peña. The films plot also rekindles a love story from 'Crazy,Stupid, Love' as Gosling's character begins flirting with Cohen's girl, played by Emma Stone. A good, solid gangster film, it is just another genre and type of character that Gosling can say he has done, and done well. Gangster Squad, whilst perhaps not his standout performance, is still one of a Ryan Gosling films I would recommend you to watch.

Gangster Squad (2012)
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An excellent gangster movie, pick it up here to see Gosling's performance in Gangster Squad.

The United States of Leland (2003)

The United States of Leland is not a well known film, but I think it is one of Ryan Goslings best movies. It is a powerfully told story, based around a mild, emotionally detached boy called Leland (played by Ryan Gosling) who has stunned the community by murdering a young, disabled boy called Ryan. It is when he is sent to the detention center and encouraged, against the rules, to write a journal of this thoughts by his teacher Pearl (played by Don Cheadle). Pearl's desire's are not so much to help Leland but to gain material to help him write a best selling book. From Leland's journal we understand more about his warped emotional state of mind, and the struggles he has with people's actions. The film may not have been critically acclaimed, but a great performance by the young Gosling playing a difficult character makes it one of his best films in my opinion.

The Ides of March (2011)

Starring alongside a big name like George Clooney usually means for an actor that you're going places. The Ides of March, a political drama film, is about the run up to the presidential election and Ryan Gosling plays Stephen Myers, one of the main staffers for candidate Governor Mike Morris (Clooney). At the beginning of the film, Myers is extremely confident that Morris will win and is the right man to help the country. But, as the film develops, he discovers more and more about the murky underworld of politics, and his belief that Morris is the right man begins to be challenged. A great performance by Gosling that only served to confirm his place in the highest echelons of acting, during his most productive year.

The Ides Of March
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A political thriller that has both Gosling and Clooney in it; what could be better!?