The Best Sage Fishing Rods

Some people choose to participate in this sport as a recreational hobby, some people choose to competitively participate, and others choose to do this for a living; however, the rod serves as the main component to the participation in this sport, no matter who is participating or for what reason. Sage fishing rods play a large role in the industry that forms this sport; however, with a ton of models, it may be quite difficult to choose the one that suits you the best. This article lists and describes the 5 best series' of Sage fishing rods, as well as the most popular models within each series. These Sage fishing rods that are featured in this article are not the only ones that you can buy, but they should be used as guidelines for the features that you should be looking for when you are ready to make a purchase.

TCX Series Of Sage Fishing Rods

TCX is one of the most expensive in the collection of series' of Sage fishing rods. The reason for their high basis in price is that they are made to be the most durable, and lightest out of all of the available models. The below listed models should be considered as the "heavy duty" of these rods. They are offered in a wide variety of different styles that possess different features, but the below listed ones are considered as the best bang for your buck.

490-4 TCX $780.00

690-4 TCX $795.00

697-4 TCX $800.00

990-4 TCX $815.00

1090-4 TCX $815.00

99 Series Of Sage Fishing Rods

The number 99 symbolizes a special brand of products in the retail world; however, the 99 series of Sage fishing rods represents one of the best releases in the sport fishing industry. Although the price tags that are attached to these products may be quite hefty, they are built to suit absolutely any occassion. If you purchase one of these models, you will definitely be able to make the full use of it through any situation that you may be able to utilize it in.

499-4 99 $699.00

599-4 99 $699.00

699-4 99 $699.00

799-4 99 $699.00

899-4 99 $699.00

ZXL Series Of Sage Fishing Rods

The ZXL series of Sage fishing rods are priced at roughly the same level as the 99 series; however, they offer a wider variety of models. These are more specifically geared towards the individual that enjoys a lightweight piece of hardware that can be used to catch even the biggest fish. You should definitely check out the below models before you look at any others, as they will provide you with the best quality for the money that you will be spending.

280-4 ZXL $680.00

386-4 ZXL $685.00

480-4 ZXL $685.00

490-4 ZXL $690.00

590-4 ZXL $695.00

BASS Series Of Sage Fishing Rods

As many of the individuals that participate in this sport may know, Bass are quite common to catch, and provide quite a fight. The BASS series of Sage fishing rods are designed in a way that sort of fits the Bass species; they provide the consumer with all of the features that people love in regards to practicality and functionality, and the strength that the individuals desire in a rod.

230 Grain Bluegill $395.00

290 Grain BASS $395.00

330 Grain BASS $395.00

Vantage Series Of Sage Fishing Rods

Having a good vantage point is one of the keys to having a successful fishing experience; moreover, the Vantage series of Sage fishing rods will allow you to achieve this vantage point. Their lightweight features, and great reels allow you to literally launch your line nearly anywhere that you would like to; this is what will give you the best vantage point.

376 VAN $225.00

586 VAN $225.00

690 VAN $225.00

890 VAN $230.00

990 VAN $230.00

There are many models to choose from when you are faced with the challenge of having to buy a new fishing rod. Out of all of the available models, Sage models provide an extensive amount of features for a price that can be deemed as affordable by many individuals. This article lists the 5 most popular series' and models within each series; utilize the information effectively, and you will have absolutely no problem being completely satisfied with your purchase.