Looking for the best seek and find games? Hidden object games have become a trend in Facebook application development and some of the most popular games on the social networking site. Hidden object or seek and find games allow the player to search through a scene and try to discover the objects hidden in that scene. Players core points based upon how well they do in the game. Some hidden object games also allow the player to do building or decorating with the money they receive from playing the game. Here are some of the best hidden object games you can currently play on Facebook.

World Mysteries

In the seek and find game World Mysteries you get to explore a wide variety of different locations and play through a number of different scenes. In each scene you’ll hunt for various items to score point. If you finish quickly you’ll get more points for completing the scene. In this game you also have a mansion area that you can build up with various objects such as chairs, a coat rack, tables, and other assorted items. Some items require parts and you can get these by asking other Facebook friends who may be playing the game. You’ll also get parts by playing through the various scenes in the game to finish the various items you buy.  In your mansion are several objects that are covered up and buy purchasing expansions you can unlock these objects for your room and then complete them by finding the parts. You’ll use up energy points each time you play through a scene but these replenish slowly over time. As you view scenes you also have the option of using clues if you just can’t find something in this hidden object game.  More scenes unlock as you play though this fun seek and find game on Facebook.

Hidden Chronicles

Hidden Chronicles by ZyngaCredit: Author

One of the most prolific Facebook game developers is Zynga. They have been heavily involved in Facebook application development and one of their latest games is called Hidden Chronicles. In this game you are given a mansion where you can decorate the outside with various structures such as trees, shrubs, gazebos, fountains, benches, and other game items.  Each item you add to your mansion gives you estate points which unlock more items for your game. Your mansion can be expanded to a larger size with coins, game items, and clues which you get by playing through the scenes in the game and asking friends for help. Friends can visit your mansion and leave chests for you containing coins you can collect each day.  You can also challenge your friends and play through a difficult hidden object game to determine the winner. The game contain many different scenes you can play through for prize money and some scenes include small mini games such as piecing together a piece or torn paper or finding hidden poker chips. Like most Facebook games this one contains a number of quests you can finish for prizes. This is one of the better seek and find games you can currently play on Facebook.

Gardens of Time

Gardens of TimeCredit: Author

In Gardens of Time you have many different scenes to play through and some of them will have you compare two screens to find out the differences in the scene. In this hidden object game you also have a garden area you can decorate with many themed items. Themes include Egyptian, Roman, Victorian, Old West, and other themes. You’ll unlock new building as you play through the game and earn silver, the game’s currency. In your garden you can also add many different decorations and artifacts such as statues. The game also features wonders from the world such as Big Ben and the Hanging Gardens you can unlock by completing one of the many quests in the game.

Fun Seek and Find Games

facebook has plent yof fun hidden object games you can play if you like those sorts of puzzle style games. Gardens of Time and Hidden Chronicles are the two better games you can play currently on Facebook. When you want to kill some time try a seek and find game they are great fun and they work your brain a bit too.