It’s easy to get so caught up in the excitement of building a website for your business that you forget the best step-by-step process which will help you create a successful website in a single day. Here is what you will need and we will briefly discuss the best services available for each requirement:

  • Web host
  • Domain name
  • Website builder
  • Publishing the website
  • Promoting the site

Web Hosting
This may seem like putting the cart before the horse but you should check out web hosting services before completing your website. Without hosting, your site will never be seen online. Free web hosting is the best option for most sites though there are drawbacks including limited space and bandwidth. Inmotion is deemed to be one of the very best paid web hosting sites with 99.9% uptime, a 90 day guarantee, quick email and Spam blocking along with an unlimited disk space and monthly traffic option for $8.95 a month. Its technical support is said to be among the industry’s best.

Domain Name
It’s possible to have a website without a domain name but you won’t get much traffic. A domain name is a site’s URL. is an example of a domain name. Realistically, you need a domain name if you’re looking for your site to be seen by internet users. You can pay anywhere between $7 and $40 a year for a domain name. However, popular web hosting services include at least one domain name registration free when you sign up with them. It’s best to take advantage of this offer rather than seeking a dedicated domain name provider.

Website Builder
The modern era is filled with free website builders that help you create a website from scratch in a few hours without the need for programming knowledge. There is no code involved as these sites offer design templates, drag and drop functions and a number of other easy to use options. The majority of website builders offer free and paid packages with the latter providing more storage space and other features. WebEden is a prime example. Its free package has 20MB storage space and 1GB monthly bandwidth with its most expensive package at $191.25 a year offering 2.5GB storage space and 60GB monthly bandwidth.

Publishing The Website
This is usually the job of the web hosting service. However, there are a number of self-publishing options such as Parapublishing which has a huge number of resources including articles that give you tips and advice on making your site a success.

Promoting The Site
Once you have everything else in place, the only thing left to do is start promoting your site. Even with the best domain name, web host, publisher and website maker, your site will remain invisible unless you figure out how to get it seen. SEO and press releases are the best ways of improving your website’s visibility according to search engine rankings. WebiMax is one of the world’s premier SEO services and boasts a 98% client retention rate. PRLog is among the best free press release sites around and it enables your company to be seen by millions in your industry who are looking for newsworthy information.

These are the main steps you need to take when it comes to creating a website. Choose the services you utilize carefully as they could be the difference between resounding success and ignominious failure.