Whether you want to wake your neighbours with the bass that your speaker emit or simply add a little bit of flavour to your music, shallow mount subwoofers can be one of your best options. They are the lightest in weight, smallest in size, and have a great wattage to size ratio; with all of these boasting points, it is hard to imagine why anybody would choose a speaker type other than shallow mount subwoofers. However, with such a large selection of brands and models to choose from, it has become quite difficult to make a decision as to which ones you should purchase. This article lists the most popular shallow mount subwoofers, and then further categorizes them; use this information effectively, and you will surely make a decision that will leave you being satisfied with the sound for a long time!

New Rockford Fosgate R2 Ultra Shallow 10-Inch 2 Ohm DVC Subwoofer
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(price as of Aug 17, 2016)

Diamond Audio Shallow Mount Subwoofers

Although this brand may be the least reputable out of all that are featured throughout this article, this is more of a reflection of their age on the market than the quality of the products that they offer. Diamon Audio has a rather large selection of shallow mount subwoofers in their arsenal, and they are all priced within a range that can be considered as fair. I would definitely recommend taking a look at the models that are listed below before any others, as they will provide you with the best bang for your buck ratio.

10 Inch Dual 2 Ohm

10 Inch Dual 4 Ohm

12 0inch Dual 2 Ohm

12 Inch Dual 4 Ohm

S104 10 Inch

Kicker Shallow Mount Subwoofers

Kicker plays a dominant role in the market that surrounds the sales and installation of speakers; moreover, this dominant role is enhanced with their selection of shallow mount subwoofers. The models by Kicker produce phenomenal sounds, and although their wattage may be relatively similar to the other models, the ones that are featured below will definitely produce Kicker 12 Inch Shallow Mount SubwooferCredit: Amazon.comsound that is of the highest quality.

6.5 Inch 150 Watt 4 Ohm

10 Inch 800 Watt 4 Ohm

12 Inch 800 Watt 4 Ohm

10 Inch 2 Ohm Comp VT Series

12 Inch 2 Ohm Comp VT Series

Memphis Shallow Mount Subwoofers

Memphis has been around for quite a while, and has definitely built up a positive reputation during the time that they have been out. All of the shallow mount subwoofers that they offer fall within the 10 Inch, and 12 Inch range. Although these models do not offer as much wattage as some of the competing brands and models, they are much lighter, smaller, Clarion 15 Inch Shallow Mount SubwooferCredit: Amazon.comand produce nearly the highest quality sound.

10 Inch 450 Watt SVC

12 Inch 4 Ohm SVC

10 Inch 4 Ohm DVC

10 Inch 4 Ohm SVC

12 Inch 4 Ohm DVC

You should definitely take a look on Amazon for the lowest prices on shallow mount subwoofers.

Pioneer Shallow Mount Subwoofers

If there was a brand that is featured in this article that has hit upon nearly every niche area of the car audio market, it is definitely Pioneer. Whether it is a double DIN head unit or some shallow mount subwoofers, Pioneer will have what you are looking for. These speaker contain a rather great amount of power, and you will surely be ecstatic about the amount of bass thatPioneer 10 Inch Shallow Mount SubwooferCredit: Amazon.com they will produce in your car.

10 Inch 800 Watt 4 Ohm

12 Inch 1000 Watt 4 Ohm

12 Inch 1000 Watt 1241D

8 Inch 500 Watt 841D

10 Inch 2 Ohm 

Polk Audio Shallow Mount Subwoofers

Some of the brands create their speakers with their main focus being on moving the most amount of air as bass, and others place their focus on actually producing the sound that you hear. Polk Audio shallow mount subwoofers definitely place their emphasis on producing a great quality sound, while ensuring that you feel a pound! If you are looking for the best overall sound from a speaker, the models that are listed below will provide you with that.

12 Inch 4 Ohm DVC

10 Inch 4 Ohm 1040

12 Inch 4 Ohm 1240

10 Inch 4 Ohm DVC

When it comes to upgrading the speakers and sound system in your car, you will have many options in regards to mids, highs, and lows. Shallow mount subwoofers seem to be the best speaker choice in regards to the low notes that you would like to be hitting; however, with such a large selection it may be quite difficult to make a decision as to which ones to buy. This article provides you with a detailed list and description of the best shallow mount subwoofers to purchase; use the models that are featured throughout this article as a guide in regards to the features that you should be looking for in the speaker that you purchase.