Improve Your Experience, Save Time and Money

I'm always looking to optimize experiences. Particularly when it is something that requires repetition or something I spend a lot of time doing, which makes the daily shower perfect to focus on. 

Americans spend on average 8 minutes in the shower every day. Some of us are all business and zip through while others take more time and bask in the experience. Either way, we all want the time to be well spent. Cramped spaces, expensive products, clutter and sanitary conditions can be frustrating or, at worst, dangerous.

If you're ready to take your shower experience to the next level, then take a look at the following shower hacks and bathroom Accessories.  I've pulled together some of the highest rated shower products and my favorite tips designed to save you money and improve your shower experience.

1. Footscrubber? Yes, A Shower Footscrubber!

No more bending over.  No more one-legged-balance-washing in a slippery shower. No more athletes foot! This is the single best upgrade to my shower experience and I have the impulsive wants and cute face of my toddler to thank for it. I've used a, not as highly rated, Easy Feet daily for the past 4 years and plan to replace it soon with this Avivo Footscrubber. I'm tellin' you, BEST shower product!

Avivo Shower Sandal Footscrubber
Amazon Price: $39.95 $29.95 Buy Now
(price as of Nov 29, 2014)

2. Curved Shower Rod for More Space

Shower feeling cramped?  claustrophobic?  Curved curtain rods create surprisingly more space.  I am 6 feet tall with broad shoulders and for the first time feel comfortable navigating in a standard shower. The Rotator Rod can flip, providing the same benefits for the rest of your bathroom when the shower isn't in use.  If space in your bathroom isn't an issue, go with a standard curved shower rod at your local big box store for about $25.

3. Refresh Old Razors...Yeah Right

Better shave better shower best shower product - Sustainable Village Razor Savor, 0.25 OunceI was skeptical of this at first too, but for $15 I decided to give the Sustainable Village Razor Savor a try... and all those 5 star rating were right.  Simply drawing your razor across the surface 10 times and that old razor is like new. This thing tripled the life of my disposable razors putting money back in my pocket!

Razor Saver
Amazon Price: $17.00 $10.00 Buy Now
(price as of Nov 29, 2014)

4. Please Tell Me You Have A Shower Caddy...

Better shower best bathroom product accessoryGet those bottles off your tub ledge! They trap water, scum, and harbor bacteria and mold. Just make sure you get a caddy with a suction cup, otherwise they tend to shift when you remove and replace heavier bottles.  *Bonus Hack - use a rubber band or zip-tie at the base of your shower neck but in front of the caddy hook to keep it in place!


5. Convenient Shower Dispenser

Another way to minimize the bottle clutter, if you're just not that into caddies, is to go with a stylish dispenser.  Highly rated, the Better Living model below adheres to the wall for a quick and mess free installation. Effective and convenient, there is a reason why you see these things in every public bathroom. Oh, and you can't see it from the picture below, but there are convenient hooks between the bottles for your razor or sponge.  Score!

6. Fix that Crusty Showerhead!

Vinegar is such a versatile cleaner and in this case you can use it to break down the mineralization and mildew that builds up on your shower spouts.  Simply fill a plastic baggie half way with vinegar and tie it to your shower head so that the spouts are submerged.  Leave it overnight and the next day you can remove and wipe your shower head clean.

7. Shower Hose for Hard to Reach Places

Better bathroom products best shower accessoriesThe convenience factor on this product is off the charts. Need to hose off the kids?  Getting older or having to take care of someone with a disability? Do you just like having direct control over the angle and placement of your shower to help while shaving or cleaning?  This Aqua Sense 3 is highly rated on Amazon for its long hose, good water pressure and easy install.  But there are so many other brands and styles to choose from. I prefer a detachable model that fits inline with the regular shower head.

8. Salt Bath to Prevent Curtain Mildew?

Tired washing or replacing your shower curtain?  Enter the salt bath, a preventive measure you can take next time you buy a shower curtain.  Just fill the tub half way with warm water, mix in a cup of salt and soak the curtain for 3 hours. If you own a cloth shower curtain that is getting mildew, a quick wash in the washing machine with detergent and vinegar can get it looking like new. Then give it the salt bath to keep it looking great.

9. Who Needs an Iron When You Have a Shower?

Okay, so you may still need to iron some clothes, but a steamy bathroom makes for a great place to relax your wrinkly garments.  This is truly "killing two birds with one stone," saving you time and frustration.

10. Shower Hooks Keep Your Must Haves Handy

Adhesive technology has really come a long way.  Get some waterproof adhesive hooks for your razor and sponge. It gives you more flexibility to keep things where they are convenient and safe (keep sponges down low for little ones and razors up high out of reach).

bathroom shower bath hookbest shower bath hook

11. Foggless Shower Mirror

best shower mirror better bath shower productDoes this guy look like he is having fun or what? This foggless mirror by ToiletTree Products uses simple science to achieve the unachievable; fill the back of the mirror with your shower water to make the mirror the same temperature as the shower... no fog!  Unlike other foggless mirrors that rely on sprays, this $29.95 mirror works every time and is easy to maintain. There are two additional models available on Amazon, a travel one without the razor shelf, and one like this but with an LED light.

12. Head Start for a Quicker Shower

How long do you wait for the water to warm up? Instead of waiting, adjust the shower head down, get in next to the running water and start your shampoo process.  Guys or gals with shorter hair can be ready to rinse by the time the water has warmed.  Heck, you might find yourself able to get even more washing done in that time span.  Adjust your shower head up and you just saved yourself time and money.