These Side Mount Tool Boxes Keep Your Tools Safe and Secure

For many construction workers, electricians, carpenters, painters, and others, side mount toolboxes for pickup trucks are a necessity.  Whether they are aluminum tool boxes or steel tool boxes, side mount tool boxes provide extra storage space in the bed of the pickup, and they keep more of your tools securely locked away and hidden.

Side mount tool boxes are a complement to your typical aluminum tool boxes that sit behind the cab of the pickup truck.  A good tool box provides loads of space and security for your tools.  But if you need extra space, check out these side mount tool boxes - some made of aluminum, some made of steel - all available on Amazon. 

Tradesman TST700BK 70" Black Steel Side Mount Tool Box

Tradesman Side Mount Steel Toolbox for Pickup TrucksThe Tradesman TST700BK 70" black steel side mount tool box includes a 48 inch side bin for extra storage space.  So needless to say, this tool box will give you almost all the room you could need.  To keep your tool secure, the keyed locks are used for protection. 

There are also gaskets that keep dirt and water from leaking into the tool box and damaging your tools.

To protect the finish of your pickup truck, this Tradesman tool box feature ethafoam mounting strips, keeping the tool box from scratching and damaging your vehicle.

The 70 inch Tradesman tool box is not the only size available.  It also comes in 48 inches and 60 inches.  It also is available in white.  So no matter the size of your pickup truck, you can find the Tradesman steel side mount tool box that fits your style and size of your vehicle.

Deflecta-Shield 7400 Seal-Tite Series Polished Side Mount Specialty Storage Box

Deflecta-Shield 7400 Seal-Tite Series Polished Side Mount Specialty Storage Box Aluminum Tool Box for Pickup TrucksThis side mount aluminum tool box from Deflecta-Shield has a high roof hemmed lid with a heavy duty one-piece hinge to allow for a very smooth lid opening.  This box is marketed as 40% thicker than standard boxes due to the unique marine grade aluminum of which the box is made.

There is also a 3 way adjustable lid striker to maintain weather protection and security with a push-button locking system.

The heavy duty nature of this side mount tool box continues with heavy clamps that keep you from having to drill the box into your pickup truck.

The Deflecta-Shield side mount tool box is easy to open thanks to the dual commercial grade gas struts that lift the lid automatically.

Northern Tool & Equipment Aluminum Side Mount Truck Box - Diamond Plate, 70"

Northern Tool & Equipment Side Mount Aluminum Tool Box For Pickup TrucksThis Northern Tool & Equipment aluminum side mount tool box has fully welded seams and fits full sized or compact pickup trucks. 

It has a tread plate finish and gas struts.

In addition to being 70 inches in length, it is 8 inches wide and 14 inches high.

This side mount box also is available in a 60 inch model.


Where To Buy Side Mount Tool Boxes For Pickup Trucks

Side mount tool boxes can be bought in person at hardware stores big and small.  Lowe's, Home Depot, and Sears are all retail stores that sell them.  However, it can also be very helpful to purchase side mount tool boxes online.  This gives you the ability to easily comparison shop and find the right tool box for you or someone you are buying for.  It also saves you the hassle of transporting it from the store to your home.  It simply shows up on your doorstep one day.

However you decide to buy a side mount tool box be sure to size up the right one and enjoy the fact that you can keep more tools in your truck and they will be kept safe and secure.

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