If you are after a vacuum cleaner that has been specifically acoustically engineered for both reduced noise levels & improved sound quality, however do not want to comprise on cleaning performance -- then you are definitely in the right place. Where below you will find some of the very best vacuums you can get -- that are specifically made with those 'silent' intentions in mind -- and are basically become some of the quietest vacuum cleaners on the market. 

The first range of 'quiet' operating vacuum cleaners you should check out is the 'ultra-silencers' made by Electrolux which are pretty much widely regarded as the 'go to' for quiet vacuums -- voted by 'Which? '(in particular the 3965P) as the "quietest we've seen in recent years" at 66 decibels (you will find the average around the 80 mark), but the rest of the range you will find just as quiet (and the more recent ones such as the EL6984A even quieter). Moreover, they are actually very good vacuum cleaners to -- possessing more than enough power to perform a good standard clean around the average home.

Electrolux UltraSilencer Green Canister Vacuum Cleaner, EL6984A
Amazon Price: $299.99 Buy Now
(price as of Jun 15, 2015)

Another group of vacuums to check is the recent Dyson range (even though the old collection was incredibly quiet too -- with the Dyson DC25 etc. rivalling one of the following machines on this list) also (e.g. the DC47, DC50 and especially the newly released Dyson DC49, which is the "quietest" as well as "lightest" Dyson vacuum yet) -- despite them being pretty quiet to start with but -- they have now have started to implement acoustically treated components & sound dampening filtration systems -- all meaning that less & less noise can escape through their airway routes and have been infiltrated with polyurethane (acting as a sound insulation) to absorb sound waves & energy. And as with Dyson you also know that you are going to a great suction cleaning performance & an array of practical features (from their bagless operation mechanism to their highly practical accessories).

Also be sure to check out the cordless range which also operates quietly (in comparison to the other stick vacuums) such as the Dyson DC44 & Dyson DC35 which are essentially 'two in one' vacuum cleaners for the fact that they can double up into just handheld vacuum cleaners (operating very similar to that of the Dyson DC34).

A really great vacuum that is  highly regarded & certainly ticks the boxes set out above of being 'practically next to silent' yet still incredibly powerful -- is that of the Miele S7580 Bolero upright vacuum cleaner (which was the major rival of the DC25, mentioned above i.e the DC25 vs Bolero) -- this is certainly on the more luxury end, but really is a great, great vacuum cleaner to use (certainly right up there with one of my personal favourites, although perhaps biased as I did briefly own one). From classy looks to easy of use with regards to every aspect from durability to cleaning settings -- the collective thoughts on this vacuum is summed rather well by one particular owner -- "The best I've experienced". A fantastic machine, certainly worth checking out -- although granted it is certainty on the expensive side of the scale.

Miele S7580BOLERO Bolero Upright Vacuum Cleaner
Amazon Price: $999.00 Buy Now
(price as of Jun 15, 2015)

Although perhaps not as quiet -- but certainly on the same page -- and is also a fair bit cheaper than the Bolerio, is another Miele: the S2121 Olympus Canister vacuum cleaner. Another fantastic machine that is highly regarded (averaging 4.5+ stars out of five from over 350 reviews) for ticking the boxes of quietness with power, but this canister vacuum has so much more to offer also -- from various power settings (six in all to adapt to various floor types) to filter systems (to prevent dust & allergens from being expelled into the air) & above all it is built with durability in mind (being backed by a huge Seven Year Warranty). 

Miele S2121 Olympus Canister Vacuum Cleaner
Amazon Price: $369.00 $329.00 Buy Now
(price as of Jun 15, 2015)

A perhaps less well known model of vacuum (well not for the British market) is the 'Henry Hoover' which also has a silencer implemented within it & which is commented on frequently within its five star rated reviews about being so quiet (e.g. "Henry is a great little vacuum cleaner that is easy to use, very quiet" & "is practically silent). Moreover, it is actually a powerful little machine that can perform a high quality job. Plus who doesn't want a face on their canister vacuum? And if you don't like Henry, there is always (pink) Hetty.

Remember, although a very quiet vacuum cleaner is a priority for you don't let this get in the way of other important aspects too -- such as the practical specifications it has to offer e.g. if you have a large home it is a bit of a bad idea getting a compact vacuum cleaner like the Dyson DC49 due its minimal practical specifications (e.g. small bin capacity & max reach) -- just be sure to analyse the entire vacuum and its practices rather solely judging on its noise factor.

Let me know which one you have chosen and why? Also, if you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding either the article 'the best & quietest vacuum cleaners' (e.g. you knew of a model that is particularly quiet, yet is not on the list) or about any of the models above mentioned specifically (e.g. more details on the mechanical specifications of the Dyson DC49), then I urge you not to hesitate and to make them in the comments section below and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.