When it comes to fishing, fish finders have become one of the most effective go to tools in every fisherman's arsenal. One of the best simple to use device is this great and compact setup by Garmin. This easy to use finder will help any fisherman get water depths and locate any fish on any freshwater lake or river.

Garmin Echo 100Credit: www.amazon.com


Product like this can sometimes be overcomplicated and overpriced. But the Garmin Echo 100 Fish Finder is the top of the class for features like ease of use, price and overall value in a market crowded by other poor quality products with useless features.

Garmin Quality Delivers On What You Need

The Echo 100 comes with a standard 4" screen with a great reading depth of up to 600 feet. If your looking for a bit more, Garmin also offers another 4" and 5" screen with reading depths of 1,200 Feet and 1,500 feet respectively.

All models use a smart 8 level grayscale display, making it alot easier to view and operate in sunny or bright conditions. Fish and structure appear in great detail and accuracy.

The single beam 200 khz transmitter will use it's 100 watts of sonar power to clearly display fish and structure on any freshwater body of water. Another great feature is the abilitly to set warning alarms for water depth, fish, battery life and voltage.

The Echo 100 is easily portable and is a perfect fit on small boats and watercraft. It's simple install is quick and wont waste any time on the sea. It comes standard with a quick relase mount that has tilt and swivel functions.

Go Catch Some Fish!

If your a budget minded buyer who's looking for a easy to use and good quality fish finder for all your fishing trips, the Garmin Echo is for you. It's built to last, extremely easy to setup, portable for all your adventures and will help you land that big fish on your next time on the water.