The Best Single Speed Bicycle Models And Their Benefits

When the time comes for buying a bike, there are a ton of variables that you can choose from; the amount of gears or speeds is simply one of them. If you were to observe the streets and paths that are near, you would quickly realize that there are not many people that decide to ride a single speed bicycle; however, there are quite a few benefits that are associated with riding one over a bike with many gears. Some of these benefits of choosing a single speed bicycle will be outlined throughout this article, as well as some models that pose as the best choices when buying one. This article will definitely not convince everybody that reads it to start riding a single speed bicycle; however, it will surely sway most of the people that are on the fence regarding the subject matter to choose the route with only 1 gear!

Single Speed Bicycle Models

With such a large variety of models to choose from, it may be quite difficult to decide on one specific model to suit your needs. Each of these models have different key features that allow them to be optimal for the average rider; moreover, they are all the "best bang for your buck" in regards to purchasing a single speed bicycle.

Genesis 700C Track $149.99

Schwinn Intersection Freewheel $219.99

Schwinn Exit Freewheel $279.99

Trek Soho S $619.99

Motobecane Team Track $799.99

The choice of any of these models will leave you fully satisfied with your purchase; you will pay a decent price, but you will be getting the best bikes that are available!

You Will Never Have To Change A Gear Again With A Single Speed Bicycle

Although having a plethora of gears on a bike may be beneficial in many ways, having only one can be much more convenient. Switching through the gears on a multi-gear bike can become tedious and annoying after a while; since a single speed bicycle has only one gear, you will never have to go through the tedious and annoying gear switching process ever again! Although these models are only equipped with one gear, it is the effectiveness of that one gear that makes it amazing. The gear is placed in a torque range that falls in between too easy, and too hard; you will always be in that "sweet spot" of the gear when you are riding.

A Single Speed Bicycle Is Relatively Cheaper Than Its Multi-Geared Sibling

As you may have guessed, a good portion of the price that is listed on a bike can be attributed to the amount and type of parts that are equipped on it. One of the main factors that comes into play regarding the price of a bike is the amount and type of gears that it has; a single speed bicycle has only 1 gear, so it follows that the price would be lower. However, the gears of a bike play a really large role in the price because they are one of the main components; therefore, the price is significantly reduced when you choose to buy a single speed bicycle because you are reducing a portion of tre largest percentage that comes into effect when determining the price!

A Single Speed Bicycle Allows For A Smooth And More Leisurely Ride

In addition to being tedious and annoying, shifting through the gears on a bike can make the ride bumpy and exhausting from time to time. One of the main benefits of choosing a single speed bicycle is that its one gear creates a smooth and leisurely ride that cannot be accomplished when riding a bike that has many gears. Although a multi-gear bike can be ideal for an adventurous ride throughout the mountain paths, a ride on a single speed bicycle is ideal for those slow paced rides that are geared towards relaxing and enjoying the scenery

Purchasing a bike can be a difficult task to go about doing because of the large amount and types that are available; however, this task becomes a lot easier when you are knowledgeable within the subject area. Going out for a ride on a single speed bicycle may not be everybody's desire; however, this article will serve well for those who are not sure about where they stand regarding 1 gear or 21 gears on a bike. This article exemplifies the most considerable models, and the benefits of choosing a single speed bicycle; utilize them, and you will surely be going for a ride on a bike with 1 gear in absolutely no time!