If you are an American interested in reading the last news from Israel, you may find much of the Israel news coverage in the states to be not quite detailed enough. I've listed and summarized below some of the most popular news sites from Israel that are published online in English. These sites all provide thorough coverage of the latest happenings in Israel, but, of course, from different political angles. However, between these four sites, you should be able to get your Israel news fix and find opinion articles that suit your political tastes.

Please share any other good sites that you know of in the comments!

Jerusalem Post The Jerusalem Post is (as the logo says) the most widely read English website for Israel-related news. The sites provide good coverage of the issues and, more than some of the other sites, seems to cater to readers from an American background. This is a good place to start in your exploration of the Israel news world. Also, unlike the other sites I will describe, the Jerusalem Post is only published English. I mention this because I have found that, in some cases, the English version of many Israeli news sites seems to provide less detail and insight on the issues as compared to their Hebrew counterparts.

YNet YNet is the online version of the popular Hebrew newspaper Yediot Ahronot. The site has both an English and Hebrew version (Hebrew at www.ynet.co.il). This is my personal favorite site for Israeli news coverage in English. It has been my experience that, in addition to all the main headlines, they tend to cover more local content such as a little bit of Israeli sports. Still, if you are interested in Israeli sports, you are going to have a hard time finding anything in English.


Haaretz is another online version of a popular Hebrew newspaper. This site also has both an English and Hebrew version (Hebrew at www.haaretz.co.il). The news coverage is detailed and informative. The opinions section of the paper tends to be a little on the left-leaning side of the Israeli political spectrum.

Arutz Sheva

Arutz Sheva is the last (but not least) on my list of places to read Israeli news in English. The site provides coverage of Israel news through a more right-wing, religious point of view. The site's news coverage does tend to reflect this perspective and may be a turn off to some readers. However, it is a good source to gain insight into some of the more controversial aspects of Israeli (and international) politics.

Thanks for looking over this list, I hope you find it useful in your quest to become informed ab0out Israeli current events. If you know of any other good news sites, please share them in the comments!