When it comes to choosing a pair of goggles for skiing, you will be faced with literally hundreds of models that offer protection, durability, UV protection, and tinted lenses. However, how do you go about choosing the best pair of ski goggles for men?

There are a few factors that you should take into consideration! A great pair of men’s ski goggles should not only offer you protection from the wind and snow, but they should also be very comfortable. As an avid skier, I can tell you that it is very difficult to find a pair of goggles that offer both of these features!

Choose Tinted Goggles For Men If You Plan On Skiing During The Day!

There is no better feeling than hitting the slopes on a nice sunny day; however, the sun’s glare can be somewhat detrimental to your skiing excursion. There is a large selection of ski goggles for men that include a tinted lens that will protect your eyes from the sun’s bright rays. There are two types of tinted lenses that you can find on a nice pair of ski goggles:

Black Tint- It is obvious that having a pair of men’s ski goggles with a black tint will do a better job at shielding your eyes from the sun; however, it can be extremely unsafe to ski with these during the night. Choosing a pair of ski goggles for men with a black tint is only a wise choice if you SOLELY plan on hitting the slopes throughout the day, as wearing these at night would put yourself and anyone around you in danger.

Yellow Tint- Yellow seems to be the most common color to tint the lens on a pair of goggles because it allows the skier’s eyes to be slightly shielded from the sun during the day, and actually illuminates their vision at night. Sometimes skiing through the slopes when it is dark can make it difficult to see the objects and people around you. However, wearing a pair of yellow tinted ski goggles will actually allow you to see these people and objects much easier when you are skiing or snowboarding.

Best Bang For Your Buck: The Oakley O-Frame MX With A Clear Lens

Not only are these Oakley ski goggles for men absolutely stylish, but they are priced at a ridiculously affordable level; they are available on Amazon for about $40! The frame of the Oakley O-Frame goggles extend far beyond the sides of your eyes which allows for the maximum amount of peripheral vision.

One of the main issues with the majority of the ski goggles that are sold in stores is the lens becoming foggy or scratched over time; however, the lens that is included in all of the models of the Oakley O-Frame MX`s is scratch and fog resistant.

I know that I spoke about the benefits of buying inexpensive ski goggles for men with a tinted lens; however, some people just prefer a clear lens over a tinted one, regardless of the benefits. This pair of Oakley goggles has a clean and clear lens that lets the maximum amount of light in; moreover, this allows for safer skiing during the day and at night!

Some Of The Best Ski Goggles For Men Are Helmet Compatible

Avid and professional skiers do not wear helmets; however, you should definitely wear a helmet while learning how to ski if you want to avoid fracturing your skull. Sure, the majority of the falls that you take while skiing will merely result in your head hitting a thick layer of soft snow; however, you should be completely prepared for the slight chance of a rock or pole being on the ground.

To promote the health, safety, and well-being of skiers, many ski goggles for men are being made to be helmet-compatible. With that being said, some of the best ski protection brands are creating goggles that are helmet-compatible. Brands like Oakley, Gordini, Smith, and Bolle are creating goggles for men that are focused on the safety of the skier rather than the “cool look”.

Your primary concern when you are skiing down the slopes should be the safety and well-being of yourself, and the others around you. There are a ton of cool-looking ski goggles that are available for purchase; however, you will not look so “cool” when the lens is so fogged up that you can’t see 3 feet in front of you! You should be looking for a pair of men’s goggles that are comfortable, functional, and good looking. As was mentioned in the middle of this article, the Oakley O-Frame MX is an amazing choice if you are looking for a great pair of goggles for a cheap price. In addition, the Oakley goggles are available with different colors and levels of tint.