Finding the best ski helmets can be rather difficult because there are so many brands and models to consider. In addition, most of these brands and models produce ski and snowboard helmets that possess the exact same features. How can you decide?

The truth of the matter is that there is no magic formula to figure out which ski helmet will be the best for you to wear when you hit the slopes. However, there are a few things that you can keep in mind to make the best decision.

Many people have the common misconception that snow is soft. Of course snow is soft when you have it in your hands or when it is falling from the sky; however, once it has been ridden over by hundreds of skiers and snowboarders, it becomes as hard as dirt. At the end of the day, the ski helmet that you choose should be designed to protect your head in the unfortunate event of a fall; how the helmet looks should be your last concern.

Some Ski Helmets That You Should Consider Buying For This Season

I know that you do not want to read through this entire article and only read about tips to choose the perfect ski helmet; you want to know what specific makes/models to keep your eyes open for. You are probably reading this because you are considering the purchase of a new helmet for the following ski season, so I will definitely give you some models to look for! I would recommend any of the following models:

Ski Helmets That Will Connect To Your iPod And Have Speakers

-Giro Nine.10

-Giro G10 Snow Helmet

-Smith Optics Variant Brim

-Salomon Brigade Audio Ski Helmet

The Best Ski Helmets For Racing

-Giro Seam Snow

-Salomon Ranger Custom Air Ski Helmet

-Giro Streif

-Smith Optics Upstart Junior Ski Helmet

I am not saying that these are the only helmets that you should consider buying for this ski season; however, they do contain all of the best features. All of these helmets are made by reputable brands (such as Smith and Giro), have a hard shell, are relatively lightweight, and have vents to keep the skier cool!

You Should Expect To Pay About $120 For A Good Quality Ski Or Snowboard Helmet

I am all about saving money on sports gear, and I can relate to looking for a deal before buying a helmet. However, a helmet is a necessary piece of equipment for skiing for one reason: to protect you! With that being said, I would not mind paying a hefty price for the best ski helmet, as long as I know that it will protect me in the unfortunate event of a fall!

Skiing involves 2 poles and 2 skis; both of these are sharp objects, and can severely injure you if they come into contact with your head. The best helmets are designed to protect you whether you are falling down a ski hill or getting hit in the head with another skier’s poles! You should expect to pay about $120 for any of the best ski helmets on the market!

All Of The Best Ski Helmets Are Compatible With Goggles

I believe that goggles are just as important as a helmet when it comes to skiing. Whether you are a cross country skier, downhill skier, or stunt skier, your vision is of absolute importance. Goggles allow you to see ahead of you while you are skiing down the slopes!

With that being said, all of the best helmets for skiing are compatible with all types of goggles. As an avid skier and snowboarder, I have tried wearing a pair of goggles with a helmet that was not compatible with them; it was extremely uncomfortable. Skiing safely down a hill is all about focus and concentration; moreover, it is hard to stay focused when you have to constantly re-adjust your ski goggles!

How Often Should I Get A New Helmet For Skiing

I would recommend buying a new ski helmet every 3 seasons. First off, the cold weather and snow really begin to affect the quality of the helmet’s shell after a few years. Secondly, the padding and lining that is inside of a ski helmet begins to compress after you have worn it and sweat in it for a few years. Thirdly, ski helmets are not that expensive, so it will not kill you to buy a new helmet every few years.

Your primary concern when you are buying any sort of ski gear should be the safety that it provides you with. Falling down a ski hill can be devastating on your body; a helmet will increase your chances of not getting hurt by a substantial amount! The best ski helmets are not the ones that look cool; but rather, they are the ones that will save your life!