The best sleeping bag is not found in a wholesale supermarket like Wal-mart. Sure, you can save a lot money by buying bags from supermarkets, but you will lose out on quality. It is always worth it to sacrifice large sums of money for quality.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a sleeping bag. The last thing you want when going for a vacation is to have sleepless nights due to cold weather. A low quality sleeping bag will guarantee you just that.

You might be taking a trip to the Rocky Mountains, Yellowstone, Montana or the Glacier National Park. Make sure that you choose the right bag.

The best sleeping bag depends on your situation. You must make out the conditions of your destination and prepare adequately. Generally, winter sleeping bags are good for camping in the countryside.

If you are taking a trip into the woods or traversing the mountains, a lightweight sleeping bag is good, because it is easy to carry around. If you are a couple or you want to sleep with somebody beside you, the double sleeping bag is the best choice.

The quality and type of material used for making a sleeping bag is another important factor. The most common types are the Synthetic and Down sleeping bags. These two types of bags are made of different material and are suitable for specific conditions.

The advantages of using a Down Bag also known as a Feather bag is that it is lightweight, highly compressible and provides great warmth.

The Down bag is suitable for dry conditions. It is not a good choice for wet conditions because of its water-absorbing qualities. Once it gets wet during your vacation, you are done. Your holiday can be easily spoiled.

This bag must therefore be kept away from rain, snow or any wet atmosphere. This bag is not ideal for wet areas like the Bowman Lake and Lake McDonald. Instead, you must go for a water-resistant sleeping bag.

The best sleeping bag for wet conditions is the synthetic sleeping bag. It is water-resistant and affordable. Its drawback is that it is not as warm as the Down bag and it cannot be compressed into a compact pack.