In the last year, loads of brilliant and innovative smartphones have been released. As we enter 2013 the rate of technological brilliance can only increase. The number of brands offering the “super smartphones” may be shrinking to the likes of Apple and Samsung – but a whole raft of other companies is offering great phones for you to buy for yourself and other lucky people.


The iPhone was launched in 2007 to the greatest applause and it has been dominant ever since. In the end of 2012 the numbers began to shrink and sadly in my opinion, Apple is no longer providing the best hardware experience. On the software front though – Apple has a massive lead. The iPhone 5 released a new taller screen, upgraded internals and new lightning dock connector. All incremental updates but they were improvements on an already great phone. I can pretty much guarantee that you will have seen an iPhone 5 already – so I think it needs no more introduction.


Samsung’s Galaxy smartphone line is one of the most talked about line-ups out there. Without Apple’s restrictive one phone policy they have a phone for every potential need and niche. The most important are the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Samsung Galaxy Note. The S3 is the direct iPhone competitor, and it’s a great phone.  Packing a much larger 4.5inch screen and fast internals, it outsold the iPhone at some points of 2012, and new versions will bring the fight directly to Apple’s door. The Samsung Galaxy Note is a large 5.5inch screened “phone”. I say phone but at that size it’s nearly the size of tablets like the Kindle Fire and Google Nexus Tablet. It is still usable though and a great choice for anyone that wants a tablet but needs to be able to carry it in pockets, although they are going to have to be pretty deep to have one. 


Blackberry’s fall from grace is accelerating. They have stuck to their own operating system and have one silver bullet – bbm. Apple’s iMessage simply isn’t competing and the young teenage audience seem to love the relatively inexpensive BlackBerrys. They can now be picked up for little money, without any form of fixed contract. My pick would be the latest Bold; I’m not impressed by the Torch line of touch screen phones.


HTC would have occupied Samsung’s spot only a few years ago. It has struggled to compete and even though phones like the HTC One X are very good, they haven’t gotten as much attention as the likes of Samsung’s Galaxy S3.  The One X has a 4.7inch 720p screen and 1.5Ghz processor, it’s expensive but worth a look if you can find it on a good deal. 

There are a lot of manufacturers I have missed out in this list, but I think these four manufacturers are the ones that dominate the market, in particular Apple and Samsung.  As ever handling working phones is the best way to see if they are suitable for you, reading reviews on Amazon and watching them on places like Youtube is a big help as well.

Have you bought phones from any of these manufacturers? Did you like them? What do you think will be launched for next year? Feel free to write me an email via my profile or leave a comment below.