#1 - Cool Water for Men 

The best smelling men's colognes elegantly blend powerful presence and notes of sandlewood, lavendar and oakmoss without being overwhelming. The first sexy scent up is Davidoff's Cool Water for Men. 

Davidoff Cool Water for Men Fragrance

Cool Water is an excellent everyday scent to wear to school or work, but is classy and distinguished enough to wear on a night out, too. 

 One 4.2 oz bottle of this is enough to keep you smelling attractive and many for many months in a row of continuous wearing. 

If you don't have a lot of experience wearing colognes Cool Water is a good starter. To determine whether or not it will work for your skin type and overall style, grab a cologne sample from a local department store before you outlay your precious cash. 

#2 - Black by Kenneth Cole

Users that swear by Black as their go-to scent describe it as a blend of sweet and spicy fragrance notes.  

Kenneth Cole's Sweet and Spicy Smelling Cologne


You can expect to pay a little more for a little less in terms of liquid ounces compared with Cool Water, but lovers of Kenneth Cole's Black describe it as a substantial cologne that you can count on lasting four to seven hours per application.

It comes in a short cylindrical black glass bottle with a short circular cap. It is definitely not for those that want an understated cologne, but if you've ever been frustrated by scents that you put on in the morning only to find they've totally evapored only an hour or two later, then you can count on this one to keep you smelling great all day. 

#3 - Drakkar Noir Splash

This scent is one of the best selling for 2012 and a top shelf product. It is described as having a spicy citrus aroma that is very intriguing and attention-getting. Lifelong devotees to Drakkar stand by their favorite product because they claim to receive a high frequency of compliments from the opposite sex. 

Drakkar Noir Scent For Men

Even women who don't themselves wear Drakkar but love how it smells so much that they are compelled to voice their support for it fill cologne review pages across the web. 

 It is often described as absolutely magnetic. If you've been looking for a special cologne to round out your collection, or if you have a big event coming up you could not make a more solid choice for a special, distinguishing smell. 

The combination of style and intense manly aroma make Drakkar Noir a worldwide favorite amongst men that want to smell their best, and women that like great smelling men.