In order to get the highest yield from your carrots, it is best to determine the most appropriate soil for them to grow. Carrots are a finicky vegetable for your garden but they grow in many different climates and regions.

Test the pH Level

Carrots are grown in a variety of pH levels but there are optimum ranges, which lead to better growing. Using a basic pH test kit, test many different areas of your lawn to determine the best spot for growing carrots. Ideal pH level is between 6.5 and 7.5. After determining the pH level of your soil, you may want to have your soil testing further to determine nitrogen and potassium content.

Ideal Nitrogen and Potassium Levels

A growing area containing too much nitrogen won’t produce good carrots, it will ruin their flavor. Lots of potassium will give you excellent carrots. Nitrogen and potassium levels can be easily manipulated in your garden using household ingredients. Explore some more basic methods of soil enrichment before trying chemical fertilizers.

Soil Composition

Carrots are grown underground, so it seems obvious that tight, hard soil will challenge your carrot plants. It is best to maintain a more aerated, soft soil to help your carrots grow. Before planting your carrots, till the soil to at least 6 inches down. If you have access to homemade organic mulch (or a similar commercial brand), add a few inches to the soil during this tilling process.

Soft soil is sometimes subject to holding water though. Keep in mind that if your soil remains soggy throughout the growing season, your carrots will likely be damaged upon harvest.


Carrots love sun. Make sure they are planted in an area of full sun.

Crop Rotation

If you are planting carrots in soil that grew carrots the previous year, you are running a high risk of contracting disease, mold or fungus. Try to move your carrot growing space every single year. Allow two year to pass before planting carrots in the same place twice.

Carrot Flies

The soil itself isn’t going to be a determining factor in attracting or repelling carrot flies. This is the biggest threat to your carrot crop and requires your attention before planting. Research the many ways gardeners attempt to prevent this pest and try the strategies that could work for you.

Carrots are a very rewarding crop to harvest. Be sure to start with the best soil forgrowing your carrots and you will have a good harvest.

Fresh Picked Carrots
Credit: Simon Howden