Charmed gives great entertainment but wouldn't it be useful if some of those spells worked as they do on the tv series. Not that I need to vanquish demons but a few spells might be suitable for normal life. So here is a selection of 7 Charmed spells that would be handy - or at least fun to think about. 

Fearless Spell (Season 5)

Oh boy I think we all have times when this one is needed.

 Locked in, boxed in full of fear, my panic grows amnic, till I can't hear.
In need of reprieve, so I can breathe, remove my fear please, make it leave.

Good Luck Spell (Season 5)

To find good luck, finances have run amuck, creditors I soon must duck,
I cast this spell to find good luck and hope my life will cease to suck.

Imagination Spell (Season 4)

Gosh so many uses for this one. Ways to keep the kids busy during the holidays. Ways to make money. What to write for Infobarrel LOL.

Let Mind and Body Soar to Heights not reached before,
Let limits stretch so you may catch
A new truth to explore

Innocence Spell (Season 3)

A good one for those of you who would like to see fairies...but remember there are some side effects to this spell.

In this tween time, this darkest hour we call upon this sacred power.
Three together stand alone command the unseen to be shown.
In innocence we search the skies, enchanted are our newfound eyes.

Mind to Mind Spell (Season 4)

A nice one for people separated by distance.

Life to Life and Mind to Mind
Our spirits now will intertwine
We meld our souls and journey to
The one whose thoughts we wish we knew.


Sign Spell - for Love (Season 2)

This spell would certainly take much of the hassle and confusion out of dating.

I beseech all powers above
Send a sign to free my sister's heart
One that will lead her to her love

Smart Spell (Season 2)

Here's the spell that would be top of the list for most students before exam time.

Spirits send the words from all across the land,
Allow me to absorb them through the touch of either hand.
For 24 hours, from 7 to 7
I will understand all meanings of the words
From here to heaven

...and don't forget Phoebe's P.S. there will be no personal gain. 

Charmed HouseCredit: Los Angeles (Wiki Commons)Credit: Los Angeles (Wiki Commons)