Motocross, or MX, bike riding is an extreme sport. It has its dangers, but it also has its extreme excitement too. It requires considerable skill, and not a little determination and guts to be successful. It isn't all about the rider, though. The bike has to be in perfect condition at all times. That's why there is a thriving aftermarket for MX parts and accessories.

The most important accessories are those that increase your safety. A helmet is of primary importance, and no bike rider should ever go out without a properly fitting helmet on.

Wearing a good safety helmet does not guarantee that you won't suffer head injuries, should you have an accident, but it will considerably lessen the damage. In fact, in many cases it will mean the difference between life and death as the helmet will cushion the severity of the blow and protect your face. Without a helmet, you are completely vulnerable.

Other important accessories should include knee guards. Your knees are potentially vulnerable and could easily be injured should you be thrown off the bike. A good padded jacket will not only keep you warm, but it will also help to protect you, and a good pair of strong gloves is also a must. Also remember to wear good, strong boots to protect your feet.

When it comes to getting the best sport bike parts, you should find out where to get all the parts that need regular replacement, such as high performance brake pads and brake shoes. Other replacement parts for the brake system might include, brake cables, and any protective rubber covering parts.

Other parts of a bike that need regular replacement include air filters and oil filters. These items should never be allowed to get too dirty, as they will not be able to work efficiently. Filters remove dirt from the system, but when too much dirt and dust is embedded in the filter, it's time to replace them.

Keeping up to date on the best sport bike parts means checking your hoses regularly. Rubber and plastic decays over time, and when a crack or hole appears, the hose can no longer do its job properly. Keep an eye on all hoses and their fastening points.

Other parts to keep an eye on should include tires and wheels. This is the first point of contact with the road and certainly deserves all your attention. The drive chain takes a lot of hard wear and tear, so check it regularly for proper adjustment. Keep up to date with all the best sport bike parts and the latest new MX bike accessories, and you will stay safe and continue to enjoy a very exciting sport.