Find The Perfect Sports Bra For Larger Breasts

This simple guide will help you find a comfortable, supportive and safe sports bra in your size:

The Best Sports Bras For Large Breasts perform two important tasks: They keep the chest properly supported and insulated from motion in all directions, and they are comfortable to wear - especially during extended workouts or any extended wear periods.

Moving Comfort Fiona Sports BraAs you already know, bra makers aren't climbing over each other to provide a plethora of bras to women larger than a C cup. Which is ironic, considering the smaller chested ladies of the world probably don't need the same level of support that women who wear D cups and larger (sometimes much larger!) need. That makes finding the best sports bra for larger sizes all the more difficult - it's not as simple as walking into your local department store and picking one off the rack. That might work fine for the A cup and B cup girls of the world, but doing so as a bigger breasted woman could do more harm than good.

The bigger the "girls," the heavier they are. That puts much more stress on sports bras (well, all bras for that matter, but especially sports bras given the types of activities you're likely doing while wearing them). Inferior construction and/or design could be catastrophic! Not only will a bad sports bra feel uncomfortable and cause undue pain in your chest, it could actually stretch the breast tissue. That's particularly bad considering, at the very least, it could lead to sagging. And as a worst case scenario, you could actually injure yourself.

What Makes A Good Sports Bra?

We touched on it earlier, but a good sports bra does two things very well:

  1. It supports by reducing the movement induced by exercise and even everyday motion;
  2. It does so while staying comfortable to wear.

Let's examine each of these a little more closely.


Large requires more support than small. That's a simple matter of physics. The A cup women of the world can get away wearing pretty much anything while working out or performing vigorous exercise - and some of them probably dont' need to wear anything at all. As a larger-chested women, you're not so lucky.

You need something that properly supports every square centimeter. That is done by incorporating a great design from the get-go, and using reliable construction materials.

A good sports bra should redistribute the weight of your breasts evenly, and keep them secured to your chest. There shouldn't be any part that's not contoured by the bra cups. And you should never "bounce" or "jiggle" at any point while wearing one, even during the most intense exercising. Granted, it is next to impossible to stop all movement, but you want to get as close as possible.

When looking for a sports bra, make sure you find one that utilizes an underwire. A lot of you might be saying, "Underwire? That's for fashion bras, not for sports bras!" And you'd be right if we were talking about smaller sized women. Let's face it, for D cup boobs and bigger, no amount of fabric material (short of kevlar, I suppose) will provide enough support on its own. Think of underwire as "Rebar" if you like - a piece that adds significant structural integrity to the bra. That's not to say that you should FEEL the underwire. Remember, sports bras aren't made to look sexy, they're made to support. Leave that uncomfortable wire feeling for the sexy bras or the ones that you'll wear when you're not bouncing up and down. Like this Porcelain Lace T-Shirt Bra, for instance.

Next, make sure that the product you're considering is fully adjustable. No two women are the same, even if they wear the same cup size. It's guaranteed that you'll need to make adjustments to the length of the straps and experiment with the different hook clasps. Work all adjustable parts until it fits perfect, don't settle for "okay." If you can't "dial it in," look for another model; believe me, if it's the slightest bit uncomfortable in the dressing room, it will only get worse - much worse - as time goes on, or as the workout intensity kicks up.

Most sports bras are designed two perform two vital functions, let's explore those briefly so you can apply them to your bra shopping:

Compression. We've already spoken about this in length, but it's the way that the bra evenly distributes the delicate tissues to press evenly against the chest.

Encapsulation. The cup must properly surround the "ladies" to offer maximum support and shaping. A good sports bra should protect against vertical, horizontal and even circular motions.


All the support in the world doesn't mean a thing if it's uncomfortable to wear! Never ignore your gut feeling when trying on a sports bra. If something doesn't feel right, try something else. Never assume that it will go away or that you'll get used to it. The only thing that will happen is you'll either become miserable or injure yourself... or both. We don't want that.

Like support, comfort is also a matter of engineering. The type of materials and general design plays a huge role here. Polyester, Spandex, Lycra and Nylon are all popular materials in sports bras, but they each come with their own pros and cons. Usually, most bras will use a combination of these materials.

Obviously, when you try on a sports bra you should check for a proper fit (make any adjustments you need). But beyond that, think about how this bra might feel during long extended periods of use. Does it breathe easily? Does it itch? These are the kinds of things most people don't think about when trying on new bras but will quickly rain on your parade once you use it. Make sure you don't purchase anything made from a material that you're allergic to, nor one that won't let your skin breathe!

The Best Sports Bra For Large Breasts

Now that you've got a great deal of sports bra knowledge - probably a lot more than you wanted - you've got all the tools you need to find the perfect bra for your body. There is no "perfect" bra for every single woman as a group, but there is a perfect bra for each individual woman. Your best off finding a store that specializes in larger bra sizes, such as the, which focuses entirely on size 36dd women, and offers such popular and well-respected products as the Moving Comfort Fiona Sports Bra in size 36dd. There are likely other stores that focus entirely on other large breast sizes, too!

Just remember, the best sports bra for large breasts will embody all of the qualities I discussed in this article in respect to your individual body!