Learning how to choose a stock to invest in can be a bit tricky. Knowing which stocks to choose shouldn't be left to just guess work or a hunch. There are things you need to look for when your searching for that perfect stock you want to invest in.

Watch the market closely. Check all the overall results from the company which you plant to invest stock in. Use charts and graphs to plot the stocks trends. This is going to give you a great overall view of how this stock is performing

Unless you have tons of money to throw away, you'll have to be careful with what stock to invest in. Do your homework! Becoming successful in stock trading takes much more than just blind luck.

Know the background and history of the company your considering. You need to know if they are doing well or not. Do you think they are doing well because of leadership, service or quality of product?

Do they have a product you think is just a fad and will soon go away? Do you think the company will grow in the up coming years?

Also you have to study how their stock has been performing in the past six months, pay attention to stock market trends. Are their any trends that go in an upward direction? Be very careful of those companies whose stock seems to explode overnight, they can just as quickly implode and take your money along with it.

Look for an even constant increase in a stocks value. The companies and their stocks change almost daily. Do a weekly Internet search for any news on the company so you can detect any forward motion and if it's maintaining it's leadership in it's field.

Be sure you stay aware of any negative events like improper finance reporting, misuse of funds, scandals, CEO shakeups, etc., just anything that could mean that you should take your money somewhere else.

As with any stock to invest in, be wise when investing in stock and keep your investments spread out over a broad base. Make different types of investments, never put them all into the stock market.

If you notice a problem with a stock, don't be afraid in making the decision to move your investment.