Stocking Stuffers for Men (24456)

Christmas is a favorite holiday of many, and spreading cheer through gift-giving is a great way to show those you love that you are thinking of them throughout the holiday season. Still, figuring out the perfect gift for an individual can be very difficult. If you have a husband, brother, etc, you may struggle when determining which present to give him this year. Here are some of the best ideas regarding stocking stuffers for men.

Cheap Stocking Stuffers For Men

1) Tools. These are a great, and oftentimes very practical, smaller gift to be used as stocking stuffers for men. Larger tools should be wrapped for under the Christmas tree, but there are wrenches, screw drivers, tape measures, and numerous other options that can be purchased for a low price and fit perfectly into a stocking.

2) Books or Magazines. If the male that you know enjoys spending his down time reading, consider buying him a book from the best-seller list. This is a great way to either give him a book that you have enjoyed reading, or find one that specifically addresses his interests and hobbies. If the individual prefers magazine reading, consider buying him a subscription to his magazine, with the latest issue also included as a stocking filler.

3) CDs or DVDs. These two options work great as stocking stuffers for men. If the man that you know prefers electronics to books and magazines, this is the perfect route to take. With the MP3 format rapidly replacing CDs, you should also consider gifting an itunes giftcard.

4) Hobby-related accessories. If you are buying for a fisherman, consider fishing tackle, hooks, and bobbers for gifts. Someone enthusiastic about exercise would no doubt appreciate receiving a heart rate monitor or weightlifting gloves. As with any gift, stocking stuffers for men should be a genuine attempt to supply gifts that match the interests of the individual receiving them.

5) Toiletries. These stocking stuffers for men are not nearly as fun to receive, but are extremely practical. A new bottle of shaving cream with razor blades and after-shave lotion, or a new toothbrush with tooth paste and floss will definitely be utilized and appreciated.

Expensive Stocking Stuffers for Men

1) Tickets. Concerts and sporting events are always fun to attend. Gifting a set of two tickets is a great way to provide unique stocking stuffers for men. If you can afford to purchase a couple of tickets, place them in an envelope and wait for his excitement and surprise when he finds them. If you are a wife or girlfriend, this is also a great way to secretly gift yourself a ticket!

2) Keys. If you really have money to spare, keys make great stocking stuffers for men. When the look of confusion comes across his face, walk him outside to show him the car, four-wheeler, or dirt bike that his shiny new key will start!

3) Gift Cards. These are very practical stocking fillers which can be as cheap or expensive as you choose. The best part of using gift cards as stocking stuffers for men is that you are assured the recipient will be able to purchase something he truly wants.

4) Jewelry. Watches, tie clips and cufflinks can make an individual look very distinguished in the work place or when attending formal events. They also make great stocking stuffers for men! Consider this idea next time you're racking your brain for new gift ideas.

Stocking Stuffers for Men (24457)

Regardless of the amount of money you have to spend on gifts, this list will provide you with some unique and interesting ideas when purchasing your next set of stocking stuffers for men. Remember, the more creative and innovative you are, the more fun it will be for the recipient to open his gift!