I love the convenience of stove top griddles over the griddles I have to plug in. I find they are easier to store, easier to clean, and just more convenient. I have been using an old one for years and years, and felt it was time to break down and get a new one.

Before I did, I did a bit of homework, because for me, this was an investment for another 10 years of so, and I wanted to get one that i would be happy with.

I have to admit, the choice was not an easy one, as there are so many amazing stove top griddles that puts my old one to shame, so I knew that no matter what I ended up getting, I would be thrilled with it. With that in mind, I do want to share with you what I learned in my search....kind of feel like a stove top grill expert after all the research I did.

Here are a couple of the best selling stove top griddles with the highest reviews on Amazon.

Lodge Logic Pro

This a great, reversible, cast iron griddle, that heats up fast and evenly. It measures 20 by 10 2/16 inches. It is pre-seasoned, so you don't have the sticking of traditional cast iron. Just a little bit of cooking spray, and you have a great cooking surface. IT has a slight slope, that will direct the grease into a gutter. It is quite heavy, but all cast-iron is, but that is why it is so durable, lasting forever. Because it is preseasoned, you only need to clean it with hot water, no soap.

Nordic Ware 2 Burner Nonstick Reversible Grill Griddle
This amazing grill measures 11 x 18 inches, and is made of heavy cast-aluminum, which is great for providing even heat. It has an easy to clean, non-stick surface. You need to be careful when you read the directions for this grill, as many have complained that the surface does stick. The instructions state the you should use low to medium heat, any hotter, things will stick to the surface.

These are a couple of my favorite and best rated stove top griddles. Now the hard part is for you to make a decision. You should determine what you will be cooking on your griddle, more meats, or just flat surface type cooking.