In need of a free stress reducer you can use anywhere and anytime? Walking is an great stress reducer, but really any kind of exercise you enjoy will help you lower your stress levels.

Physical activities have been known to calm you down and improve your mood. It has such a calming effect and it will help raise your self-esteem and fight off depression.

Exercising will trigger your endorphins to release, these are the chemicals in the brain that help to stimulate relaxation and help relieve pain.

The higher your endorphin levels are, the more you will feel a sense of well-being and feel calm.

Research has shown that taking a brisk walk for twenty or thirty minutes can having a wonderful calming effect, the same you would get with a mild tranquilizer. So, overall, your walking will make you feel really good.

Walking as a stress reducer is also a great workout and will help you get into shape, lose weight and tone you up.

You can walk outside or walk on your treadmill. Walking is for everyone, so anyone can do it, you don't have to be some serious athlete to get in a great workout.

The key to your healthy walking is to stay tall and have your eyes forward. Keep your shoulders back, don't slouch. Be sure to keep a natural stride and then focus on quicker strides, not longer ones.

As you begin walking your body will start to release energy making chemicals and endorphins and this will fuel the walk.

Your heart will speed up, which will boost your blood flow and warm your muscles. The joints will also release a lubricating fluid to keep the joints moving easier.

As you keep walking your body's temperature will rise, you will perspire and then you will start to burn off calories.

You will feel quiet invigorated and will begin to relax and feel the tension melt away from your body.

You can meditate as you walk, listen to relaxing music or just count your steps, whatever helps you relax do it. Take in the beautiful scenery if you are walking outside.

You will be very surprised at how fast walking or any exercise will make you feel so much better, it's a wonderful stress reducer and a great habit to pick up.