Finding the best string trimmer can be a daunting task; each and every outdoor store has hundreds of landscaping tools to choose from. However, the task can be lightened if you know what to look for! There are a ton of cheap grass trimmers by various brands; however, I would recommend sticking to the reputable companies (such as Black and Decker, Greenworks, Eathwise, and Hitachi) because they will offer you the best warranties and customer service. One of the greatest features of these companies is that they offer gas and electric grass trimmers, so you will be able to buy one of their products regardless of what you prefer!

Some of the features that you should be looking for are:

-a telescoping handle on the trimmer

-a high powered gas/electric motor

-a built in electric edger

-trimmer string that is strong enough to cut through thick patches of grass

Black And Decker LST220 Has A 20 Volt Lithium Ion Battery!

When it comes to choosing a string trimmer with the longest lasting battery, the Black anBlack And Decker 12 Inch Cordless String TrimmerCredit: Amazon.comd Decker LST220 is what you should be considering! The lithium ion batteries have a much longer lifetime than their NiCad counterparts, so you can be sure that this string trimmer will last long enough to trim your entire lawn in just one charge. The 20 volt trimmer also comes with attachments and is being sold for under $200! You can get two of the best landscaping tools, a grass trimmer and an electric sweeper, for an affordable price!

In addition, the days of getting your hands dirty are over; this trimmer automatically feeds out more string when you need it. It does not use modern technology to do so; but rather, it simply uses centrifugal force to sense when additional string is needed.

What makes this an even better landscaping tool is that it acts as an electric edger too! Having a string trimmer that will also edge your grass will not only save you some garage space, but it will also allow you to have a single battery and charger rather than multiple; a landscaper’s dream!

The Greenworks 15 Inch String Trimmer Has A Pivoting Head And A Telescoping Handle

Before I get into the details of this grass trimmer, I think that I should mention that it is being sold on Amazon for a mere $50! You can barely find a battery for your landscaping tools bGreenworks Grass Trimmer With Telescoping HandleCredit: Amazon.comeing sold at under $50, so to purchase an entire string trimmer for this price is literally a steal!

The majority of the grass that you trim should be relatively easy to access; however, this Greenworks trimmer has a 3-way pivoting head that will allow you to access the hard-to-reach areas! As was stated with the Black and Decker LST220 landscaping trimmer above, this one automatically feeds the string into the trimmer as it is needed!

I think that it is the small features that allow this machine to be considered as being the best string trimmer for household use. The simple things like the built in cord lock to prevent it from disconnecting, and the integrated electric edger to use on your driveways and flower beds make this one of the top rated grass trimmers!

Hitachi’s CG22EA-SSLP Has A Powerful 21.1cc Engine

To be put simply, gas trimmers are geared towards raw power and industrial useHitachi 2 Stroke Gas Powered TrimmerCredit: Hitachi’s gas trimmer will fit into the arsenal of any landscaper’s tools perfectly! Its 21.1 cc engine will trim the thickest patches of grass, and the fact that it is powered by gas allows it to be used for hours on end without overheating or running out of fuel!

Hitachi is famous for producing powerful and reliable landscaping machines such as lawn mower, electric edgers, and grass trimmers. With that being said, the CG22EA-SSLP is no different; it comes with a lengthy 7 year consumer warranty that will cover any manufacturer defects and problems that you may have with the string trimmer!

You should not consider buying any of these models if you are looking for the most powerful string trimmer or the cheapest grass trimmer on the market; however, they will get the job done properly and are offered at affordable prices. I would recommend buying all of your landscaping tools throughout the winter months because stores tend to jack up the prices when they know that people will need to buy lawn mowers and grass trimmers ASAP (because the grass on their lawn is growing)! The landscaping tools that are listed above are not the only options when it comes to choosing the best string trimmer for your lawn; however, they will trim the grass effectively and are offered at affordable prices!