There are literally hundreds of companies that produce subwoofers; however, the word “best” signifies a single company. Therefore, there is only one company that earns the title of being the best subwoofer brand! Rockford Fosgate has been producing powerful car subwoofers for many years, and have manufactured hundreds of 10 inch, 12 inch, and 15 inch subwoofers.

Although Rockford Fosgate sells their woofers for a costly price, the quality of bass that they produce and length of warranty that they offer make them well worth your hard earned dollars! This piece of writing will prove to you that Rockford Fosgate is the best subwoofer brand. Whether you are looking for a car amplifier, subwoofer, or enclosure, Rockford Fosgate will surely meet all of your needs!

Rockford Fosgate Is The Best Subwoofer Brand To Buy Your Speakers From Because They Distinguish Their Models (P1, P2, P3, R1, R2)

Many good subwoofer brands have different series’ of subwoofers; however, Rockford Fosgate likes to keep it simple by keeping the majority of their car subwoofers within 4 main series’. A P1 subwoofer can come in a 12 inch or 10 inch diameter, and can be part of the Power or Punch cluster of car subs; however, it will always be a Rockford Fosgate P1 subwoofer! What makes them an even better car subwoofer brand is the fact that you can easily tell what se2 Rockford Fosgate Prime R1 12 Inch Subwoofers In A BoxCredit: Amazon.comries a woofer is from simply by looking at the model number! Tell me if you can distinguish the Rockford Fosgate series of these mode numbers:






One of the reasons that I have deemed Rockford Fosgate to be the best car subwoofer brand is because they keep their woofer model numbers extremely simple. As you will notice with the subwoofer model numbers above, the first 2 characters describe the specific series that the Rockford Fosgate car subwoofer comes from, the next 1 or 2 characters describe the generation that the woofer is from, and the last 2 numbers inform the buyer of the size of the subwoofer!

The Rockford Fosgate Punch P3 12 Inch Subwoofer Has A Massive 600 Watts Of RMS Power!Rockford Fosgate P3 12 Inch Car SubwooferCredit:

Since Rockford Fosgate subwoofers are designed to allow the driver to FEEL the bass, you can be sure that the P3 12 inch woofer will literally rattle the screws in your trunk out of their places! Hearing that a subwoofer has 600 watts of peak power is enough to make car audio specialists cringe, but the fact that Rockford Fosgate`s P3 has 600 watts of RMS power is absolutely insane. The P3 is not the most powerful car audio subwoofer on the market, but it will produce enough bass to disturb your neighbourhood as you drive through it.

In order for a car speaker company to be considered as being the best subwoofer brand they must produce some powerful car subwoofers. In addition to the Punch P3 that Rockford Fosgate has produced, they have also released the Power P3 and Prime R2 subwoofers which have an insane amount of power. Upgrading your car stereo system is not about choosing the subwoofer that will produce the most bass, it is also about choosing one that will emit high-quality bass. Luckily for you, Rockford Fosgate subwoofers do both of these!

Be sure to check out the massive selection of Rockford Fosgate subwoofers on Amazon being sold at REALLY low prices...Rockford Fosgate has some amazing subs for your car, and some are being discounted at up to 60% off of their original price!

They Sell Car Subwoofer Packages That Include A Pair of Subwoofers, Sealed Enclosure, Amplifier, And 2 Gauge WiringRockford Fosgate Car Subwoofer PackageCredit:

Anybody that has bought a car amplifier and subwoofers before will know that they can be quite expensive. With that being said, buying the car audio components in one of the car subwoofer packages will allow you to save some money! Rockford Fosgate, being the best subwoofer brand, has released a few car subwoofer packages so that you can save some money when upgrading your car’s stereo system!

This specific car subwoofer package contains two powerful R1L 10 inch subwoofers, a sealed enclosure to house the subs, an R250 car amplifier, and 2 gauge wiring to connect the amplifier. I would highly recommend this car subwoofer package because it will produce a lot of bass, not cause you to upgrade your car’s electrical system. Buying really powerful subwoofers will sometimes cause you to have to upgrade your car’s alternator, battery, and ground wires. Although Rockford Fosgate offers subwoofer that are really powerful, the ones in this package will not cause your headlights to dim!

At the end of the day, there are a handful of companies that can be considered as being good subwoofer brands; however, there is only one brand that is the best! Rockford Fosgate has produced 15 inch, 12 inch, and 10 inch powerful subwoofers. In addition, they have a variety of woofers being offered in both the Punch and the Power series! Be sure to consider one of the Rockford Fosgate subs as part of your next car audio upgrade!