Seasoned travellers are very wise in choosing their luggage. Those who are new to the routine could learn some lessons from their friends that are more experienced when looking to travel. The ease of your trip will depend largely on the suitcase you pack, so make sure that you choose correctly. Forget the fancy patterned bags that include seven separate suitcases as these simply are not the ideal choice for most travellers.

The first step is to decide the number of suitcases that will be needed. If you are thinking of a number larger than one, you have already missed the point. Travelling light is smart. That huge designer DVF luggage set will not let you travel light. Most of the things you are looking to pack will never be used, so you should leave them at home.

Choose a single piece of luggage, which is the highest quality you can afford. Choose the smaller bag over the larger one. The best choice is a bag that can be carried onto a plane with you. This ensures that your luggage will arrive at your destination when you do and that nothing is lost. If you really must have that bottle of lotion once you arrive at your destination, you can pick it up locally.

4 wheel suitcases that offer wheels and an extending handle are the easiest to travel with. They can be pulled down the long concourses of airports to ground transportation. At the hotel, they easily ride into the elevator and down the long haul to your room. When in a hurry or tired, the single piece of luggage that can easily be carried is a blessing.

Pay attention to both the outside of the bag and the lining. Travel is hard on a bag and they need to withstand the punishment of the road. Expect the bag to get beat up if you are away from home for a length of time or travel often. A solid exterior protects everything inside, so choose a sturdy exterior.

As to colour, most people find that a black bag is best. It does not show the wear marks like other colours. Look to the personnel of the airlines when choosing your bag. The case that the pilot carries is chosen because it can withstand all the force of constant travel. It is small enough to fit easily on the plane, yet large enough for all the travel essentials.