Are you a parent coaching baseball?  If you are a t ball coach it important to know the best T ball drills so that you can help all the kids become better players and have fun.  Baseball drills for kids tend to be very simple and relaxed because of the age of the players.  When you are coaching baseball at the T ball level, you want to make sure that your baseball drills for youth are going to be fun.  This is so important because you want the kids to keep wanting to play baseball as they get older.  Here is a compilation of my favorite little league drills and T ball drills.

1) The best one of all the T ball drills in my opinion is just playing catch.  Although it is very basic, it is crucial that the kids know how to throw and catch properly in order to advance to higher levels of the game.  That is why most of these baseball drills for kids are based around playing catch.  All you have to do is explain the proper technique for throwing, set the kids up in two lines, and have them throw away.  Don't put too much pressure on technique though, as you don't want them to feel stressed.

2) Another one of my favorite little league drills is hitting off a batting tee.  If you don't own a batting tee, one can be bought pretty cheaply at Baseball Warehouse.  You can also buy youth baseball bats off of that site.  This drills is very simple and is probably the second most important out of all the baseball drills for youth.  The kids will have fun swinging the bat and the other kids who aren't hitting can play the field and get practice there!

3) Practice running the bases.  This is one of the most important T ball drills that most people coaching baseball overlook because they consider it common knowledge.  When you are coaching baseball, you need to make sure your players have a basic understanding of everything.  You don't want to be the coach whose player runs to his house when you say "run home!"

4) Another one of the t ball drills that you need to cover when coaching baseball at the t ball level is preventing swarming.  Swarming is a common thing that happens at t ball games where many players crowd in a certain area and when a ground ball is hit, they all run after it.  This is not a good way to teach them how to play baseball, so it is best to  draw circles in the dirt at the typical baseball positions (3rd, 2nd, 1st, shortstop, etc) and tell each one to guard their individual circle and whoever is closest to the ball gets to field it.  This is one of the best baseball drills for kids because it promotes teamwork and prevents fighting over the ball.

Hopefully you have some good ideas for practice after reading these T ball drills.  The most important thing to remember when thinking of which little league drills you want to incorporate into your practices, is to think about whether they are teaching the kids good fundamentals and if they are fun.  Going to baseball practice should be fun for the kids and not a chore.  As a t ball couch it is your responsibility to make sure you are using appropriate baseball drills for youth that will entertain and teach effectively.  Good luck, and have fun!