With the rising popularity of interchangeable and customisable rifle parts and accessories, more and more companies are coming up with products that can be added to further enhance your sniping experience.  A proper stock is often overlooked as an important element of accurate shooting.  A comfortable and well placed cheek-peice, ergonomic shape and well-balanced stock can make all the difference.  As any long-range shooter knows, the slightest detail can make a world of difference at the other end of the flight path of the bullet.  Here is a list of the most well-respected and trusted stock manufacturers in the world, and why the military and police force elite use them.


McMillan - This company also make a variety of impressive and well-respected stocks for long-range shooting.  The stocks have a very basic and modest look, but the quality is in its subtle details.  Prices are also very affordable.  Not only do they have stocks fitted to a wide array of rifles but they also come in all sorts of colors and styles for hunters and competition shooters.

They received much press for their Tac-50 Sniper rifle used in the second longest recorded sniper kills in history, until it was beat by a british sniper team (see Accuracy international below).  Two Canadians, during Operation Anaconda in Afghanistan, made kill-shots of 2,310 meters (2,526 yd/1.435 miles) and 2,430 meters (2,657 yd/1.509 miles). 




Accuracy International - The standard to which all others look up to.  Their equipment has been in use with many military units and police departments around the world for a long time.  Best known for their Arctic Warfare line of bolt-action rifles, Accuracy international also distribute stocks available to upgrade the Remington 700 rifle called AICS (Accuracy International Chassis System).  This company also gained a large amount of press when a british team of soldiers made the current world record for a long-range killshot.  Craig Harrison, using the L115A3, killed a Taliban fighter at a range of 2,475 m (2,707 yd). 

The stock comes in two generations, called Stage I and Stage II.  Both are ergonomically perfect and the latter comes with folding stock option for ease of carry and a array of extra features.  Prices are quite steep, but if you can afford it, there's nothing in the world to compare it to.



J.Allen Enterprises - With space-age, almost cartoonish cool looking stocks, JAE have stood up as a new popular choice amongst precision seekers.  They currently make stocks for the Remington 700 long and short action rifle as well as the M1A and M14 rifle. 

The JAE-700 can be used with all Remington models, with prices starting at $799.00.  For the JAE-100 G3, prices start at $599.00 for the M1A and M14 rifles.  Standard features include full length aircraft aluminum skeleton, metal textured butt adaptor, flushmount rail, composite skins that are permanently bonded to aluminum skeleton, etc.  If you want to then take it to a whole new level, JAE offer an arsenal of ad-ons and customizations available to pimp your gun.