In the simplest terms, the best tankless gas water heaters are the wave of the future.

As most homeowners know, a traditional water heater holds preheated water in a storage tank that is dispensed when a tap is turned in the bathroom or kitchen. The process is somewhat inefficient as the unused hot water constantly loses heat and must be continually reheated. In addition, there is a limit to how much hot water is readily available. In particular, in many households with large families, there is a daily fight to be the first into the shower and have hot water.


Tankless Gas Hot Water Heaters

A tankless water heater system eliminates both of the problems. In fact, the homeowner and his family can have an almost unlimited supply of hot water at a more cost efficient price. There are even systems that allow each member of the family to customize the temperature of the water to their individual needs.


There are dozens of reputable tankless water heater manufacturers. Here are some of the best companies along with one of their top of the line models.



rinnai 98Rinnai RC98eN & Rinnai RC98eP

Rinnai is recognized as one the premier tankless water heater manufacturers in the world with over thirty million units installed. It has been in the water heating business for almost 50 years and is a leader in the development and advancement of gas fired tankless water heater technology. When one thinks of quality, they definitely think of Rinnai.


Rinnai’s commitment to gas technology is absolute as it does not sell an electric tankless water heater. Its RC series of tankless water heaters provides high volume hot water at a 96% efficiency rating. At almost ten gallons per minute, the RC hot water heaters can handle almost any residential need and their ability to be linkd can fulfill all commercial needs as well.


The RC98e ia na excellent choice for a homeowner who wants the very best in reliability, versatility and operational efficiency. With temperatures available up to 120°, Rinnais models can provide everything that the most demanding consumer wants.



Bosch Integra 500 LP

Bosch is an international company that produces appliances in a wide variety of industries. They leverage their formidable technological prowess to provide the best in tankless hot water systems.


Their newest development in tankless water heaters involves the use of liquid propane for a 92% efficiency rating. Liquid propane of LPG is simply the concentrated, liquid form of the standard natural gas used to heat traditional hot water heaters. The liquid form is simply more easily stored , transported and secured.


In addition to this feature, Bosch’s Integra 500 LP, also includes every other state of the art feature available in a tankless water heater including a condensing heat exchanger, direct venting, sealed combustion and optional cascading capability.


takagi twhTakagi T-D2-OS-NG Outdoor

Takagi is a relative newcomer to the North American tankless eater heater market. Nevertheless, they have designed and developed a machine that has a spectacular efficiency of 95% and they are the creators and developers of the new safety device, the air-fuel ratio rod.


For unequalled outdoor tankless water heaters, this manufacturer provides exceptional models andvalue. TheirT-D2-OS-NG Outdoor Tankless Water Heater is powered by natural gas and can easily handle the largest residential requirements. Takagi is so confident in the capacity and reliability of this model that they even recommend it for light commercial applications such as beauty salons and small restaurants.


The system, itself, utilizes is light at 49 pounds, compact with dimensions of 20.5" x 13.8" x 8.5" and only requires 120V AC electrical service. It is an ideal appliance for situations where space is limited, heated water demands are great and electrical capacity is maxed. In addition, the installation in an exterior space makes venting the unit a simple and easy task.



rheem rt 13Rheem Professional RTG84-DV-NG

A almost 100 years old, Rheem is one of the more long-lived HVAC manufacturers. They produce a wide variety of heating cooling and water heating appliances. Al of their manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001 rated and all of their appliances are Energy Star rated.


This particular Rheem tankless water heater has several features that set it apart from its competitors. Of course it has a high volume capacity of over ten gallons per minute, can be cascaded for extended capacity and boasts an efficiency rating of 94%, I addition, it is suitable for use in high altitude settings like Denver at altitude of up to 10,000 feet.



noritz twhNoritz NRC Condensing Series

Noritz is the number one producer of tankless water heaters in the world. In fact, they currently operate the world’s largest tankless water heater manufacturing plant producing over 1.3 million units from that facility alone.


Noritz is always on the cutting edge of tankless water heater technology. Their newest innovation reroutes exhaust heat into an external unit that preheatswater before it actually enters the heat exchange area. Thermal efficiency is greatly aided and flow capacity is also expanded.


The Noritz Condensing Series of tankless water heaters has also been expanded to include hydronic boilers for the efficient heating of living spaces. The combination of these two highly efficient heating appliances could potentially save a homeowner up to 50% of their utility bills in winter and almost 40% during the rest of the year.



The Decision

There is little doubt that tankless water heaters are the wave of the future. Their lack of pilot lihts and ability o deliver on-demand water can only improve and further save operating costs. In addition, their compact size and limited need for electrical power also means that their installation is simpler and more affordable.


In short, a tankless water heater system offers the best value for the money when it comes to providing hot water for any residential or small commercial use. Combine the manufacturer’s coupons with government incentives and the cost becomes even more reasonable and the system will pay for itself in a few, short years.


There has never been a better time to invest in the best tankless gas water heaters.  The technology has improved to the point where its efficiency surpasses that of traditional water heaters and its operating costs are significantly lower. Consider carefully before you purchase your next hot water appliance.