Taylor Made has long been famous for creating some of the best drivers and fairway woods in golf. Their Burner products first bought the company to mainstream attention, but it was the user configurable weights inside their 500 series drivers that announced that TaylorMade were not only one of the most respected names in golf, but one of the most innovative. The company has taken their reputation for both quality and innovation into their remarkable line of putters, producing putters with innovations and features that the market is forced to copy. These are the best Taylor Made putters to improve your golf game and knock shots off you handicap, no matter how good (or bad) a putter you are.

Taylor Made Rossa Corza Ghost Putter

The new TaylorMade Ghost putter may be the most unusual putter released by a mainstream golfing company since Odyssey released the 2-ball putter in 2001. Just as the 2-ball putter revolutionized the stale putter market of the time, "The Ghost" has the potential to change the golfing landscape and is sure to be heavily cloned this summer.

Taylor Made Ghost (35902)

There was considerable buzz about this putter even before its release. The buzz grew even greater after Justin Rose used "The Ghost" to win his maiden PGA Tour victory at the Memorial Tournament in June 2010 and than followed up for a second tour title at the AT&T National only a month later. He described the putter as "spooky good" and that its unique color contrast and alignment aids gave him the confidence and ability to transfer his immense talents into PGA tour victories.

The Taylor Made Ghost's peculiar white color makes it stand out in the pro-shop and will ensure that your playing partners will give you some stick. Even though it is a simple idea, it's not until you get this putter on the course or practice putting green that you come to realize just how groundbreaking this putter will be and how much easier this putter is to align.

The alignment features of the TaylorMade Ghost putter are threefold. First, the white leading edge offers vivid perpendicular contrast to the target line. Second, three black sightlines frame the ball and provide in-line visual reference. Third, a circular cutout in the flange echoes the ball for added aiming assistance. As the old adage goes, "drive for show and putt for dough", if you are not constantly aligning your putter right you will be an inconsistent putter and will be frustrated at the shots you give away on the golf course.

TaylorMade Ghost Product Features:

  • Contrast of the white head against the green makes it easier to see the topline and target line
  • Contrast of the three black alignment lines against the white crown makes it easier to aim
  • Circular hole through the head works with the alignment lines and ball to make it easier to aim
  • Two outer alignment lines are one ball-width apart, making it simple to align your ball with the center of the face to promote solid contact
  • AGSI+ insert negates backspin / promotes forwardspin

Having replaced my trusty Odyssey 2-ball for the Taylor Made Ghost my alignment has improved, my confidence has soared and my putting has improved out of sight. I was a skeptic at first thinking the color of a putter couldn't make any difference in the real world but the white on black contrast between the putter body and the face instantly enforces if the putter head is slightly open, closed or aligned and the easy to read black lines on top of the putter help ensure that not only is the putter aimed where you want it but that you make a proper putting stroke.

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Taylor Made Rossa Monza Putter

The putter that marked the return of Taylor Made as a serious contender in the putting market, the Rossa Monza Spider putter has become a staple of tour professionals and weekend hackers alike. Its supersized mallet style head may not have won any beauty awards but it is the very design that has made the TaylorMade Rossa Monza putter one of the most forgiving putters in the world and therefore, one of the most enduring.

Taylor Made Rossa Monza (35903)

The face of this putter is perfectly balanced from heel to toe, meaning that even off center hits will be hit with a flush putter face which will ensure they will roll almost the exact same distance as a stroke that is from the center of the club of a traditional putter. Even your bad putts will finish closer to the hole than usual, minimizing those dreaded 3 or even 4 putts that sink golfers rounds. Being a mallet style putter, its larger head and heavier weight help to ensure a smooth putting stroke even for golfers who tend to jab at the ball rather than stroke through it properly.

The Rossa Monza Spider putter comes standard with removable weights that allow the golfer to change the weight of the putter at home between rounds. Are you finding that the putter is a bit to heavy or that you are about to play a course where the greens are quicker than you are used to? No problems, change the weights and decrease the overall weight of the putter head. The center of gravity can also be moved, to allow additional backspin to counter the heavily grained greens found in the southern parts of the country.

Available in left or right handed, center or heel shafted and with putter lengths of 33", 34" and 35", discover how a mallet headed putter like the versatile Taylor Made Rossa Monza Spider can help lower you scores and make you a better golfer today.

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