It seems these days that everybody wants a brighter more confident smile. One of the cheapest, easiest, and most effective ways to achieve whiter teeth is to buy teeth whitening gel. Most whitening gel for teeth is made out of a chemical called hydrogen peroxide and another chemical called urea. When these two chemicals are combined they make carbamide peroxide, which is a bleaching agent. In your mouth, these chemicals break down into their parts. This breakdown releases hydrogen peroxide to bleach your teeth. The urea actually plays no role in whitening your teeth, it is meant instead to keep the compound stable before it is used. Today you can get an at home teeth whitening gel kit containing anywhere between 10 and 36 percent concentrated carbamide peroxide.

Before you start any kind of teeth whitening, make sure to do your research first, both online and with your dentist. Make sure you know all the risks and benefits before you start. This along with the help of your dentist, who can most accurately tell you what you need to do to whiten yellow teeth, will make sure you get the whitest smile in the shortest amount of time.

Professional teeth whitening gel

Most whitening gel kits come with a tray that you put over your teeth, and that holds the bleaching agent, while it is in your mouth. This is the most effective and safe at home teeth whitening method. It is safer and more effective than many natural teeth whitening methods and also avoids the gum irritation many people experience when using white strips. This also helps to keep the bleaching agent in place, and makes sure that you do not swallow any of the active hydrogen peroxide because this may cause stomach problems. Most kits come with two trays, one that is made for your top set of teeth and another that is made for your bottom set of teeth. They are made of soft plastic and so are extremely pliable and can fit most mouths.

Using a tray with whitening gel is extremely easy. All it involves is taking the tube and putting a thin layer inside the tray. Try to make sure you're evenly spread out the gel so that you get an even bleaching job. This does not need to be exact however, because the tray will help spread out the gel. If you want the best possible job you should consider having a professionally fitted tray made. These are custom made by your dentist and will give you the best whitening job you can get from a take-home kit.

Opalescence Teeth Whitening Gel

If you have a professionally created tray, opalescence is one of the best at-home whitening gels you can get. Opalescence is a 35 percent concentrated hydrogen peroxide gel. Because of its high concentration it can only be used with custom molded whitening trays, but it is one of the most clinically proven methods to whitening teeth. The main advantage of this whitening gel is that it is sticky. This prevents the gel from getting on your gums and it also prevents the gel from being swallowed. It also hardens your enamel, reducing your risk of cavities, and minimizes tooth sensitivity. If this were not enough opalescence gel also comes in four strengths so that you can achieve the smile you want quicker and easier.

No matter what your teeth whitening needs, if you do your research and talk to your dentist. You can easily find the best teeth whitening gel for you. These gels range in price and quality from relatively cheap to more expensive gels that are only able to be used in professionally molded to trays. What they all have in common is that they are all made from the same chemical, carbide peroxide. With the help of these gels you can obtain the brighter smile and increased confidence that you want in no time at very little cost.