My Brief Overview Concerning Publishing Websites And Online Revenue Streams.

Hello, my name is Todd, and I write online in hopes of generating some income.  If you are not just that sort of person, the person that creates webpages for income from the web, then you are NOT my target audience.  I have a very specific target audience for this webpage, and it ONLY includes persons like me, persons that generate content on the web for income.

If you are just that sort of person, then I have what I think is some good advice,  and not only is it "advice," it is, in fact, my exact plan of action for what I do, what I have done, and what I will be doing in the realm of publishing articles online, or "article marketing," as it may be called, in hopes of just that - money.

Now, I don't want to confuse you at all.  I want to make clear concise statements about what I do know, and not about things from the netherworld kingdom of SPECULATION.  I won't be speculating here, I'll be relaying things known, not theory, just known fact.  I make no proposal as to my wherewithal in regards to article marketing, in fact, I'll tell you straight up, there are people on all sites I will discuss that are far superior to me in web knowledge, and web income.  My entire gig here is to relay what I do know, and then display why I believe such to be truth, valuable, and things that ought to be considered if you, like me - enjoy publishing articles on the internet for some bit of income.



The Best Site To Earn Using Google Adsense

InfoBarrel is a site you surely ought to be familiar with, as indeed, you are looking at it.  I learned about InfoBarrel from the man who owns and runs Xobba Tribune, and I learned about it on his profile page.  So little wonder and a bit of coincidence, those sites are the three sites I shall discuss here today.

InfoBarrel:  I've been little but happy with InfoBarrel since I've joined this site.  The forums are full of helpful people, the attitude is nearly always enthusiastic, the staff is helpful, and so is the software.  So do I have a complaint with InfoBarrel?  NO!  I have some things I think are less than perfect about Infobarrel, but hey, its not mine, and it has more benefits to discuss than it does elements that could possibly be considered distractions or otherwise negatives.

So lets get down to business, shall we?

InfoBarrel is a premium site for earning with Google Adsense, in fact, there is no better site for earning with Google Adsense I know of.  The ads are always targeted exactly as they should be for the content on the page, are placed in the very most optimum spots on the page so long as the page creator is no fool, and on top of it all, InfoBarrel pays a 75/25 split in Google Adsense revenues to the author of the page's benefit.

I know of no better site to publish an essay on than InfoBarrel.  Hubpages is "the other site" in my book for this, but I do not use Hubpages as an Adsense site in the way that I used to do, and besides all of that, Hubpages pays a LOWER split than does InfoBarrel.  Hubpages pays a 60/40 split for Google Adsense  For this reason, it just seems plain to me that should I work towards Adsense revenues, then InfoBarrel is the place to do that, as its ad placement is positioned in such a way that I, and indeed, my readers or customers find most effective.

 I can not give you a totally "fair" comparisson between Hubpages and InfoBarrel regarding Google Adsense, and the reason for this is, I'm not using Hubpages in that way.  I use the Hubpages Ad Program on Hubpages, and in fact, I recommend the same to everyone.

Its all about diverse revenue streams.  When I publish here on InfoBarrel, my goal is to publish something I think is useful to the reader, and to earn from Google Adsense - that's it.  When I publish on Hubpages, my goal is to earn from the Hubpages Ad Program, Ebay, and to also provide something useful to my reader - but not specifically in that order. 

So far as negatives are concerned on InfoBarrel, there are none - however, my opinion is that the site isn't optimized so well for sales.  I don't like how the Amazon products can't be selected more specifically, and I do not like how I have no control over the placement of the box of sales.

It is not my site, I'm happy to be here, and very happy with it all.  I do not complain about this site, but so far as "were I to find something having looked very hard to find a negative," then I just told you about it.

Additional plus?  Chitka.  No, not sure I've even earned a dime there, but I haven't looked either, and this exact page is about revenue streams online, and so far as the other sites I'm going to discuss are concerned, they don't offer Chitka - so this counts in and of itself as "total win."

The Hubpages Ad Program, and Ebay

I started writing for dollars online on  When I started there, I had no idea what I was doing, and the entire site looked a lot different than it does now.  Mostly, the content creation formating is exactly the same - you still arrange capsules in the same exact way, but now there are more of them you can use.

When I started on Hubpages, I joined Google Adsense, and, and...I just went for it, and I created some truly awful pages that had not much of anything in the way of value for the reader.  I totally blew chunks as a commercial content producer.

I looked around the site, I read some forum posts, I realized that some people were really doing the deal, making some cash, and loving it.  I wanted to be one of them, and I still do, but as it happened, this was nearly three years ago, and as we all know here in content creation land, lots of things have changed since then.

The web changed when Google went into this whole Panda know how it went, and the sad thing for me was....I was just then figuring out how to create a page that was both optimized for search engines, and provided real value to readers.  I was learning from statistical analysis stats, just what did work, and what I should then focus on doing in order to not compromise myself, but instead indulge myself and my interests, and also provide real value to the persons reading my pages.  That is still what I do, or attempt to do.

Then, Hubpages came up with the Hubpages Ad Program.  We were all told this offered us a way to make MORE money, and I think it has made me more money, but this can not be proven.  Thing is, the Hubpages Ad Program works very differently than does Google Adsense.  The Hubpages Ad Program is a different deal altogether, and pays by "impressions."  I like it.  I'm using it, and also, soon afterwards, Hubpages offered ebay as an affiliate program, and this too has proved to be a good thing for me.

As it is, on Hubpages a huge part of what I do is talk about very expensive acoustic guitars.  I do use on Hubpages, but try as I might, I've never once sold a guitar with guitar, expensive guitar, there have just not been any guitar sales for me.  The ebay program on Hubpages, however, allows me to make something off persons simply bidding on a guitar, and people just like to do that - it is kind of like gambling in a way, it is sort of like a game, if you will, but is still business.

No, it wouldn't be very productive for me to say how much I make at Hubpages with the HP Ad Program and the Ebay program....but suffice it to say, I make enough to keep messing with it, and I do get paid every month there.  I don't think it is a good idea to create so much content as I have and leave it on "auto pilot," no, not at all.  I'm forever finding things that need some serious improvement, and so I improve things, and I also create new things.  I do move old non productive pages to Blogspot or Blogger, and, well, I get some Adsense there too, but not much.

Xobba Tribune, - Optimized To The MAX For Amazon Sales.

I've seen several forum posts here on InfoBarrel concerning Xobba Tribune or  I do write there, and I highly recommend authors here on InfoBarrel to apply to join, and to also write there.

I certainly recommend Hubpages, as I'd not be talking about the place so much if I thought it was not a great site to create content on.  I've only forever got something to rant about concerning  Maybe I should shut up?  I get paid there every month.

As I'd stated previously, I came to InfoBarrel from the profile page of Joshua Sunforged on, and I've been pleased with InfoBarrel ever since then.  Mr. Sunforged, some time later, created Xobba Tribune, and I applied to write there, and so I do.  Mr. Sunforged, as you can see, is someone who's web advice I follow closely, he led me here, and you see me here, of course.  His site, Xobba Tribune, is very very different from either Hubpages or InfoBarrel - which is in and of itself a benefit to YOU to join, and learn to use.  Now, I'm not "Mr. Software."  I'm just not.  I'm a guy that types text into little boxes, and then hits "publish," so I have to tell you - learning to use another interface is seriously intimidating to me - but when I do learn to use something new, its a very nice and accomplished feeling.  I can't help but think that other persons like me would benefit from the same thing.  After all, its not so wonderful to learn to do well with one format when one could also be learning to become successful with several formats.

InfoBarrel, Hubpages, Blogger, Xobba Tribune - they've each got things to learn to capitalize on, and with, each also offers a different revenue stream as its primary sourch of revenue for the content creator.

Hubpages - The HP Ad Program.  Ebay is also nice.

InfoBarrel - Adsense, Chitika is also nice.

Xobba Tribune -, Adsense is also a revenue source.

Xobba is a Wordpress based site, and if you know how to work Wordpress for content creation, then Xobba Tribune will be no problem for you, but besides that, the owner is generally available to assist you, and is literally a very enthusiastic person about all aspects of generating income from the web.

Xobba Tribune - besides super optimized amazon earnings potential while learning Wordpress software, you also have the ability to dofollow backlink to your InfoBarrel and Hubpages content.  Its a total win.  All three sites I've discussed here, in fact, are winning sites, and exactly what I've laid out here in this article, would be not only my recommendations so far as what to concentrate on for diverse revenue streams, they are also my exact plans.  I hope this has proved useful.