The timing and situation in which you choose to ask for a raise is crucial in your ability to actually receive it.You may deserve a raise more than anyone else in the company due to you work ethic and ability; however, without the right timing and situation, your chances of being granted that raise are very slim! An individual's mood plays a large role in their decision making process; therefore, it must follow that your boss' mood plays a large role in their decision to grant you the raise or not.The key idea is to then figure out at what times, and during what situations is a person's mood affected.Perfect Phrases For Negotiating Salary And Job OffersCredit: 

Studying psychology for 4 years throughout university, I have learned a lot about these mood affecting factors, and have used them to my advantage when asking for things such as a raise (books on factors that affect mood); this article is designed to pass this information on to you!Some of the nest times and situations to ask for a raise are as follows.

The Last Working Day Of The Week

For those people who work their hours during Monday through Friday, the feeling associated with this day can be known as the popular TGIF feeling. Your boss will be in the best mood on the last working day of the week because he knows that his 2 days off of work are approaching ever so quickly. Some employers have days off of work that are scattered throughout the week; the last working day of the week can be considered any day prior to a day off of for these individuals.

Half An Hour After Lunch

When speaking of the time of day, half of an hour after lunch tops the good mood list. Employers usually have very stressful days as they have to deal with a lot; however, their lunch break is a time for them to relax and refresh their stress threshold. After lunch they return completely refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of the day; the amazing thing about this is that a grand feeling of open-mindedness goes hand-in-hand with that "prepared to work" feeling. This is the mood that you are going to want to approach them in. After all, a refreshed, content, open-minded person is much more likely to consider your raise than somebody that is in a grumpy, and hungry mood.

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A Positive Situation ArisesThe Art Of Asking Your Boss For A Raise BookCredit:

Employers get into an amazing mood when something positive happens like wining a jackpot, selling a house, or having a child. This may sound immoral, but this is what you are going to want to take advantage of; their temporary positive mood puts them in a state of happiness that would definitely make your raise more considerable. A good idea for this method is to set a time deadline for the positive situation to occur, and if it doesn't occur in the deadline, resort to after lunch on the last working day of the week. For instance, you might set a deadline for 3 weeks from today's date, and in 2 weeks your employer might have sold his house, in which you would ask for a raise; on the other hand, if nothing happens in 3 weeks you would simply go ahead and ask for the raise despite the lack of a positive situation.


Approaching A Holiday

This follows the same idea as the last working day of the week method in that they are in a positive mood because their time off of work is approaching; however,a longer period of time off of work, such as a holiday, allows for a longer grace period prior to that date. This means that you can ask for a raise 2 or 3 days before the holiday begins and it will have nearly the same effect. This longer period of opportunity allows for you to ask at whatever tie is the most convenient for you within that time periodWorkplace Warrior Guide-Get The Job Promotion And RaiseCredit:

Your Birthday

This may seem like a weird time to ask, but it has been more successful than any other time that was mentioned above. It is in human nature to try and please others; moreover, this is why some people have a hard time saying no to others when they ask for something.When you ask for a raise in this situation make sure to mention to your employer that it is your birthday. This may seem as if you are taking advantage of a day that has been dedicated to you, and are playing on your employer's emotions; however, you are simply creating a positive environment that will eventually facilitate your employer saying yes to your proposal to a raise.

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Your main goal when asking for a raise should be to choose a time in which as many of these occasions are occurring, and ask for the raise then. Think of each one of these times as having a 1 point value associated with them; the more points that you have available when you are asking for the raise, the better the chances are that you will actually receive it! It may only be possible to have one or two of these factors present when you plan on asking for your raise, which is fine; ideally you should try to have as many of these factors present as the situation allows. You should by no means ask for a raise at a time in which you just made a major mistake simply because it is the last working day of the week, but rather pick a time in which you are in good standing with the company and employer, and select the best day surrounding that time!

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You may deserve the raise that you will be asking for more than anybody that you know; however, without the correct timing and situation, you may not be given the consideration that you deserve. Now, the timing and situation aren't the only factors that affect your ability to get a raise; however, if you can use one or more of these methods described above you can be sure that your employer will be in the mood that allows for the most consideration of your performance, skills, experience, and improvement.