Does it really matter what time of year you decide to move in your new apartment home? Of course you may not always be able to sign a lease when you want to. If you do have a little flexibility, you might be able to save a little money and have a smoother move. Here are some tips that will dictate the best time for you to move from one apartment to another.

Pick The Season

The most popular time to move into an apartment home are the Spring and Summer season. This is especially true for students and families. This is also a time for mild weather across the entire country. And it is also before the new school year begins. Children usually need a small amount of time to get acquainted with their new location. This is true of college students as well. The school year usually begins in late August, and many students like to get acclimated in advance. Moving during the busy season requires booking well in advance. So looking for an apartment home 3 months out is not abnormal.

If you do look far in advance, you may be able to secure great apartment specials. Or you may leave yourself with some room to negotiate those rents. However, if your not bound by the school year, its always possible to move well after or well before the busy season.

During the winter months of December and January, you may also get great pricing. The winter weather may affect your move. Especially if you have furniture or belongings that can be affected by wind, rain, or decreasing temperatures.

Also you will want to move during the week if possible. Most movers are busiest during the weekends. So if you can schedule a weekday move, you may find more flexibility with pricing.

Often you won't be able to dictate your move. Whether its a new job, a divorce, or a sick family member, you can't determine your move-in date. But when you can, it may pay off for you.