Sometimes it seems that there is no ideal time to make a significant financial investment, such as buying a new car. However, if you stay aware of your financial situation, pay attention to the cars that are on the market, and stay open to buying pre-owned cars, you can easily make the purchase at a time that is convenient and even beneficial to you. The right time to make the purchase is different for every household, but there are a number of key steps that you can take toward identifying when you should start shopping.

When Your Credit is Stellar

Getting a great deal on a new car is often contingent on having a good credit score, and for that reason, many people write off low interest rates as something that they can’t ever attain. It is true that poor credit can bar you from getting a good deal on financing, and that it is easier to wreck your credit than it is to build it in terms of time. Despite that, you can take the time to make your credit score reflect what type of consumer you want to be. If you want to find good deals on financing, then take a year or two to rebuild your history before you start looking. Pay your bills on time, figure out how much to carry on your credit cards, and pay down debts before you accrue new ones. This can make it easier to secure the right credit rate, and even turn your new purchase into an asset instead of a burden.

When You’re Cutting Your Losses

Often, there comes a point when an old car becomes more resource-consuming than it is worth. If you are spending more money on repairs than the total value of your vehicle, it might be time to find a new car—or a used one. El Paso car dealerships will often consider your car’s worth for a trade-in, and while it may not make much of a dent in a brand-new car, it can slash your cost in half if you’re buying used instead. For this reason, pay attention to what you spend and how often your car breaks down. If you wait until the car is completely useless, you may not be able to get a good valuation for trade-in. However, if you trade before the car becomes a complete nuisance, you can usually make it worth your while.

When You Need to Size Up

Sometimes circumstances dictate when you need a new car—such as when you have a new baby, add a roommate who will carpool with you, or need more space in the back for travel reasons or cargo. In this case, prepare yourself early. Figure out when the anticipated change will happen, and deal with it in advance if you can. Start shopping around and again, use your trade-in as an asset, assuming that you don’t intend to keep it. Finally, see your new circumstance as a reason to make a positive change. Enjoy the extra space, and become acquainted with your new car.